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Pitts Airplane Photos by Tom Burlington.

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This is the first 
Production Pitts Prototype
from Tom Burlington.

Esta es la primera produccin de prototipos Pitts de Tom Burlington.

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Jim and his Pitts

Photos by Tom Burlington,


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Hi Jeff
I am Tom Burlington. I just bought  the above ref. a/c from Bill Lancaster of Homestead Fla. I understand this plane was built by Curtis and friends there, as the 1st proto of the factory version (s). Anyhow, we are getting active in Acro with some of our friends in IAC#12 out here in the Denver area. I will try to attach a photo.  You have a nice site.
Tom B.


 This plane was built by Curtis Pitts and is the 1st Factory Prototype Pitts
now owned by Tom Burlington.  This is a fine plane for aerobatics,

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 Click Here are photos of the Pitts Aerobatic aircraft doing Aerobatics.
These Pilots are usually EAA or IAC members,






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Il s'agit de la premire production de prototype Pitts de Tom Burlington.

  Dies ist die erste Produktion Pitts Prototype von Tom Burlington.


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