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The background photo on this page was taken on our 2002 North Pole Expedition. You can see more photos at the North Pole Photo Summary page.

Tons of Jet Engine Books and Videos, if you want to know about jet engines, you're at the right place, if you like jets, you jet engine videos.

When you read these books you will know everything there is to know about jet engines.  The jet engine changed the world in  both commercial aviation and military aviation.  The jet engine is a fantastic invention.  These books and videos are by amazonebooks and Historic Aviation books and video companies.

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0010591325 width=250> 0010591


Softbound Book
Convair Nuclear Propulsion Jet, GE X211/J87 Nuclear Powered Jet Engine. Carpenter.  Here, learn the history of the Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft (NEPA) program that lead to the NX-2 and its unique form of jet propulsion in which a nuclear reactor replaced jet combustors. Newly declassified documents combined  with archival photos make this a remarkable study of a little-known aircraft. 80 pgs.,  60 B&W photos, drawings, 8½"x 11", sfbd.
.....#0010591 1
0006247317 width=250> 0006247
German Jet Engine & Gas

Turbine Development
Hardbound Book
1930-1945. Kay. This book covers the pioneering days of jet propulsion in Hitler's Germany, which created some of the most advanced engine designs of the era. Achievements include the flight of the world's first turbojet-powered aircraft,  pulsejet and ramjet-powered missiles, and other gas turbine application firsts. Designs for aircraft to be powered by the new engines are also covered in this  volume. 320 pgs., 135 B&W photos, 100 line drawings, 8"x 11¼", hdbd.
 .....#0006247 8
0005795372 width=250> 0005795
Hans von Ohain
Hardbound Book
Elegance in Flight. Conner. Chronicles the life and work of Dr. Hans von Ohain, the  brilliant physicist who invented the first turbojet engine. The book follows him from  childhood through his education, the first turbojet development, and his work at  Heinkel, where his dream of "elegance of flight" was ultimately realized. It also presents his immigration to the U.S. and his career with the USAF, where he became  a top scientist in the field of advanced propulsion. 300 pgs., 6"x 9", hdbd.
.....#0005795 5

The First Jet Aircraft0003777332 0003777
The First Jet Aircraft
Wagner. A detailed analysis of jet aircraft design and development in Germany from the first drawing board projects to late war jet engine production. Carried on under utmost secrecy, and despite a lack of raw materials and Allied bombing, marvelous new age aircraft took to the skies, too late to make a difference in the outcome of the war. 260 pgs., 260 photos, 8"x 11", hdbd.

0079121969 Elements of Gas Turbine Propulsion
w/ IBM 3.5' Disk

by Jack D. Mattingly 
0079121969 5.0 out of 5 stars
Product Details 
Hardcover: 960 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.68 x 9.48 x 6.66 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math; Book and Disk edition (January 1, 1996) 
Book Description
This text provides an introduction to the fundamentals of gas turbine engines and jet propulsion for aerospace or mechanical engineers. The book contains sufficient material for two sequential courses i propulsion (advanced fluid dynamics) an introductory course in jet propulsion and a gas turbine engine components course. The text is divided into four parts introduction to aircraft propulsion; basic concepts and one-dimensional/gas dynamics; analysis and performance of air breathing propulsion systems; and analysis and design of gas turbine engine components.

 ISBN: 0079121969 

List   60.15 

0521596742 Jet Propulsion : 
0521596742 5.0 out of 5 stars
A Simple Guide to the Aerodynamic and Thermodynamic Design and Performance of Jet Engines  by Nicholas A. Cumpsty (Author), J. E. Ffowcs Williams (Editor), E. M. Greitzer (Editor) 
Book Description
This text provides a self-contained introduction to the aerodynamic and thermodynamic design of modern civil and military jet engines. Through two engine design projects, first for a new large passenger aircraft, and second for a new fighter aircraft, the text introduces, illustrates and explains the important facets of modern engine design. Individual sections cover aircraft requirements and aerodynamics, principles of gas turbines and jet engines, elementary compressible fluid mechanics, bypass ratio selection, scaling and dimensional analysis, turbine and compressor design and characteristics, design optimization, as well as off-design performance. Although the book assumes familiarity with basic fluid mechanical ideas, background is given where necessary. The book emphasises principles and ideas, with simplification and approximation used where this helps understanding. Many exercises (using numerical rather than algebraic solutions, with realistic empirical input where needed) support and reinforce the text. A detailed glossary is included. This text is suitable for student courses in aircraft propulsion and jet engine design, but will be invaluable as a guide and reference for engineers in the engine and airframe industry.

ISBN: 0521596742 

List 73.00 

013015847X Gas Turbine Theory (5th Edition)
by Herb Saravanamuttoo (Author), Gordon Rogers (Author), Henry Cohen (Author), H. I. H.   Saravanamuttoo, G. F. C. Rogers 
013015847X 5.0 out of 5 stars
Back Cover Copy
When the First Edition of this book was written fifty years ago, the gas turbine was just becoming established as a powerplant for military aircraft. It took another decade before the gas turbine was introduced to civil aircraft, and this market developed so rapidly that the  ocean liner was rendered obsolete. Other markets like naval propulsion, pipeline compression and electrical power applications grew  steadily. In recent years the gas turbine, in combination with the steam turbine, has played an ever-increasing role in power generation. 

Despite the rapid advances in both output and efficiency, the basic theory of the gas turbine has remained unchanged. The layout of this  new edition is broadly similar to the original, but greatly expanded and updated, comprising an outline of the basic theory, aerodynamic  design of individual components, and the prediction of off-design performance. 

Descriptions of engine developments and current markets make this book useful to both students and practicing engineers. 

completely updated to cover current industry requirements and applications   coverage of both aircraft and industrial gas turbines   includes detailed treatment of off-design performance   incorporates in-depth examples throughout   based on the authors' extensive teaching and professional experience 

Gas Turbine Theory is the classic course text on gas turbines, suitable for both undergraduate and graduate students of mechanical and  aeronautical engineering. This new edition will also continue to be a valuable reference for practicing gas turbine engineers. 
ISBN: 013015847X 
List 85.00 

0884157326Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook, Second Edition 
(Incompressible  Flow Turbomachines) by MEHERWAN P BOYCE (Author), Meherwan P. Boyce 
0884157326 5.0 out of 5 stars
Book Description
The gas turbine is a power plant that produces a great amount of energy for its size and weight and thus has found increasing service in  the past 20 years in the petrochemical industry and utilities throughout the world. The gas turbine's compactness, weight, and multiple fuel  applications make it a natural power plant for offshore platforms.

This second edition is not only an updating of technology, which has seen a great leap forward in the 1990s, but also a rewriting of  various sections to better answer concerns about emissions, efficiency, mechanical standards and codes, and new materials and coatings. At a time when energy costs are high, this important handbook expertly guides those seeking optimum use of each unit of energy supplied  to a gas turbine.

In this book, the author has assimilated the subject matter (including diverse views) into a comprehensive, unified treatment of gas turbines. The author discusses the design, fabrication, installation, operation, and maintenance of gas turbines. The intent of this book is to  serve as a reference text after it has accomplished its primary objective of introducing the reader to the broad subject of gas turbines.  Thus it is of use to both students of the subject and similarly to professionals as a desk reference in their daily lives.

 Covers every aspect of gas turbine design and operation.  Presents necessary data and helpful suggestions to assist engineers to obtain optimum performance for any gas turbine, under all  conditions. Serves as a desk reference both for students and professionals. 
List   178.00 

World Encyclopedia of Aero Engines0004869307 0004869
World Encyclopedia of Aero Engines
From the Pioneers to the Present Day
Hardbound Book

Gunston. This volume details every significant aircraft engine - piston, jet and turbine - developed since the Wright brothers first achieved powered and controllable flight in 1903. All major manufacturers are covered. 272 pages, 300 B&W photographs, 9"x 11", hardcover.

Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Technology0006855315"> 0006855
Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Technology
Softbound Book

Treager. This is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand treatment of the background, development, and applications of the gas turbine engine in various forms, such as turobjet, turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft powerplants. An excellent reference, book also includes changing maintenance and overhaul procedures and philosophies. 677 pgs., 310+ B&W photos, hundreds of cutaway and line drawings, tables, more. 8"x 10", sfbd.0006855 7
0002114372 width=250> 0002114
Jet Engines

Hard Bound Book

Hunecke. Concentrates on jet, turbojet, turboprop and turbofan engines applicable to  civilian and military use. Air intakes, compressors, turbines, exhaust systems, thrust augmentation, with chapters on environmental considerations. 256 pgs., 80 illustrations, 110 diagrams, 6"x 9", hdbd.

I/51d6QlY0wNL._AA240_.jpg" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=0 height=250 width=250> 0028018745Aircraft Powerplants
 by Michael J. Kroes, Thomas W. Wild (Contributor) 
Book Description
Aircraft Powerplants, Seventh Edition, part of the Glencoe Aviation Technology Series (formerly the Northrop Series), is the most  comprehensive up-to-date powerplant book on the market today. It has been revised to reflect the latest changes in FAR Part 147 and  changing industry needs. 

The new edition features expanded coverage of turbine engine theory and nomenclature. It also includes additional current models of  turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft engines. Information on turbine engine fuel, oil, ignition systems has been expanded and divided into  separate chapters. And the remainder of the turbine engine material is updated and presented apart from reciprocating engines, allowing  for the flexibility of teaching this materials separately or together. 

New material added to the propeller section deals with composite propellers, dynamic propeller balancing, and auxiliary propeller systems  such as auto-feather, de-synchro-phasing, and de-ice. The updated and reorganized material on aircraft systems includes the latest  information on control, indicating, and warning systems. Throughout the text, special emphasis has been laced on the integration of  information regarding how individual components and systems operate together. 

This edition includes a new Student Study Guide that parallels the text. It provides fill-in-the-blank questions to identify key terms,  demonstrates applications of mathematical relationships, and validates learning progress by offering multiple choice questions. The new  Instructor's Manual provides answers to the review questions and transparency masters to help you illustrate key concepts.

ISBN: 0028018745 
List   59.30 

0002063387 width=250>
Genesis of the Jet
John Golley

Book Description 
In April, 1937, Englishman Frank Whittle became the first person to successfully start and run a turbojet engine. The enthusiasm of the American General "Hap" Arnold took the next stage of development to the U.S.A. Within six months Whittle's invention was powering  more American jets than British. 

This is the story of a genius throttled by British government bureaucracy and gagged for decades by the secrecy. The story is now told in  full. Its revelations provide a fascinating insight into the attitudes of the wartime government and military establishment, attitudes that led to one of the greatest inventions of all time being offered freely to those who were to become Britain's main aircraft manufacturing  competitors. 
.....#0002063 2

0951058991 Model Jet Engines
by Thomas Kamps, Keith Thomas

Book Description 
Following neatly on from Kurt Schreckling's book on the FD3/64, Thomas Kamps brings the construction and running of gas turbines up  to date. The book includes highly detailed and well illustrated building instructions which the advanced model builder can use to make and even design his own jet engine.

By A Customer
Until I saw this book I didn't believe it would be possible for an amateur to build a jet engine, capable of running at 100,000 rpm . Kamps book explains clearly how, with a reasonably well equipped workshop, a model engineer can build an efficient working jet engine.

ISBN-10: 0951058991

0951058916 Gas Turbine Engines for Model Aircraft
by Kurt Schreckling, Keith Thomas

Book Description 
For the first time Kurt Schreckling's Strahlturbine Book is now available in English. It explains how to build Kurt Schreckling's turbojet  motor, the FD3/64 containing full construction, photographs and working drawings.
ISBN-10: 0951058916

History of North American Small Gas Turbine Aircraft Engines0005506362 0005506
History of North American Small Gas Turbine Aircraft Engines
Hardbound Book
Leyes II & Fleming. Chronicles the nearly 50-year evolution of the small gas turbine engine through its comprehensive study of a major aerospace industry, and through a non-technical examination of the broad-reaching influence of small turbines - from commercial and executive aircraft to helicopters and missiles deployed in recent military engagements. Over 1,000 pages! 6"x 9", hdbd.
0004870ALT="The Development of Jet and Turbine Aero Engines" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=2 height=352 width=250> 0004870
The Development of Jet and Turbine Aero Engines

HardBound Book


The history of the jet engine from pioneering days through today’s highly complex and powerful units used in wide-bodied airliners and the latest high-tech  military aircraft. Includes the history and description of rocket and ramjet engines as well as turboprops, propfans and helicopter power plants. Describes how the various parts of gas turbine and jet engines work in easy-to-understand terms. Fully  illustrated with official photographs, cut-aways and diagrams. 224 pgs., 370 B&W illustrations, 6½"x 9¼", hdbd.
.....#0004870 2

0005507ALT="Starting Something Big" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=2 height=375 width=250> 0005507 Starting Something Big
Soft Bound Book
The Commercial Emergence of GE Aircraft Engines Garvin. It is the end of the Cold War, defense markets begin to dwindle, and military engine manufacturers brace for the impact. But one makes the transition into the commercial engine market and eventually surpasses the rest. Witness GE Aircraft Engines' success through this enlightening history, and learn how to gain an edge - and start something big of your own! 352 pgs., 6"x 9", sfbd.
.....#0005507 3

alt="Series 10 Orenda Turbojet Blueprint0070701vspace="4" border="1" width="419" height="288" align="left">  Series 10 Orenda Turbojet Blueprint
Military Engine Blueprint Drawing.

Created by professionals who have painstakingly recreated and modified vintage drawings, this is a real blueprint of the 1950s jet engine fitted into many late-model (particularly Canadian) F-86 Sabres. 42"x 30".


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 Please Note:  I took the photo of the clouds used in the background picture
while we were flying from a Northern Siberian city named Khatanga
on our way to the North Pole in April 2002.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster

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