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Taking a look at the Pro's, Sean Tuckers Airplane


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Sean Tucker flys at a low level knife edge at the Oshkosh air show

Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek
 Oshkosh 99


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This is no way to be coming in for a landing, but with all that smoke coming out of the engine I guess he has to do something!

This is Sean Tucker at the Oshkosh airshow.    This man can really fly.  Notice that he is using a square wing with a squared off horizontal stabilizer.   The top wing is swept and the bottom wing is straight.  It's hard to see here but the vertical stabilizer is very similar to that on the P-51.  He has large ailerons, a three bladed prop with a long spinner and is using an enclosed canopy.

This plane did maneuvers that seemed impossible, like successive hammerheads.  Brent said that the plane was balanced with a very unstable as aft as possible center of gravity which can make this possible.  This airplane would probably cause the average pilot to crash.   Remember, aerobatic aircraft are very unstable.  This is what allows them to do these fantastic maneuvers.




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