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Building the Pitts Wings

The nearly completed lower left wing


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Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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Now that the leading edge cover is on, there is a small portion of the leading edge remaining to be covered.  

The problem here is that it is a complex curve meaning there are curves in more than one plane.  The wooden leading edge cover has a simple curve and was relatively easy to make using a piece of wood.   Some builders still use wood for this complex curve area, the wing tip leading edge faring, but most builders use fiberglass.

A little closer look at the wing will reveal that Brent used 3 compression ribs, 5 truss ribs, 1 shorter truss rib, along with 7 nose ribs (under the leading edge cover) and one short nose rib.  When you look at two lower wings and one full-size upper wing, that's a lot of ribs.  You can figure that you can make only one rib per jig per day. 


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