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Building the Pitts Wings

S1S vs. S1C wing design


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Brent Smith working on the wings of his S1S Pitts

Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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Here Brent is working on the aileron area,  you can see the clamps holding the front spar Wright Flyer Balsa Wood Kitdoubler plate.    

You can also see the metal trailing edge.  In the background is a recently restored Pitts that the Smith's just completed.  The new wing is for an S1-S Pitts which has a symmetrical wing, the Pitts in the background is an S1-C which does not have a symmetrical wing.  A symmetrical wing allows the plane to fly better inverted however it increases the amount of drag in cruise flight and reduces the top speed and cruise range of the aircraft.  But, in an aerobatic airplane top and cruise range are of the least importance, the Aerobatic ability of the aircraft is what is needed.   It's interesting to watch these two types of aircraft flying inverted.  The S1C has a much higher angle of attach in the inverted position than the S1S.



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