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Brent is Clamping 

the Doubler Plate on the Pitts Spar

The Doubler Plate must be Clamped down tight while the glue dries

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Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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It very important to apply a lot of clamping pressure while the T-88 epoxy hardens.  

This prevents voids and allows the wood components, which provide the real strength, to be in the closest proximity as possible when the glue hardens.  You will need a lot  of these clamps of various sizes to hold various parts of the wing during its  construction.  When you're not using the clamps on the wing they make a great hand  exerciser, you can see the muscle tone in Brent's forearm. 

I read an old book, 1939,  on woods for military aircraft construction and it said that you should apply 200 psi to the glued joint for proper adhesion.  If you think about it, this is a tremendous amount of pressure, much more then these clamps can supply.    An 8" by 5" plate with an area of 40 square inches would  require an 8,000lb weight to be laying on the joint.  With that much pressure you probably wouldn't need any glue.   If anyone can tell me more about this please send me email at the bottom of this page.



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