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Building the Pitts Wings

Cutting out the Leading Edge Faring, How to build airplanes.

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Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek


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Click Here we are using a band saw to cut out the leading edge cover of the Pitts wings.  

There area number of different cover material types available.  This is a mahogany, wood cover.  Other types are aluminum and fiberglass.   Some of the advantages and disadvantages of each are: the Aluminum may be the lightest weight but is very easily dented and difficult to repair.   The wood cover is possibly the next lightest in weight but still difficult to repair, and the fiberglass (depending on the thickness) may be the heaviest but is the easiest to repair.  However, bending the wood cover is probably easier done by the home builder so if I were to build my own Pitts, that's the way I would go.



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