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The Flying wire attach tube 

and some more on Drag Wires 

Brent sets up to drill the flying wire attach tube


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Flying Wire Attach Mounts
 Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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Let's first look at the end of the drag wire coming through the end block on the front of the spar.  

You can see that it is not exactly centered on the end block.  Now take a very close look at the pencil line traveling down the front of the spar.  This is the centerline of the spar and was drawn for reference purposes before the the wing assembly has begun. 

Now, lets look at what Brent is doing with the hole saw.  He has previously drilled a hole in the spar at a pre marked point in the spar.  He is now inspecting where the hole saw is going to cut.  Next he will apply a doubler plate to the spar for increased strength to compensate for the strength loss of the hole that he just drilled. 



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