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Building the Pitts Wing

The Leading edge cover is pulled down using a helping hand

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Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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You will need a helping hand when your ready to actually glue the leading edge cover to the nose ribs.   

You cannot see it in these pictures but if you think about the way the ribs are placed over the spars there is a one quarter inch difference between the top of the rib and the top of the spar.  This is because the spar is constructed using a one quarter square strip of wood called a cap strip.  If you glue this leading edge cover on the wing and attach it to the nose ribs and the spar you will have a gap produced by the difference of the tops of the ribs and the tops of the spar.  This is why a gluing strip must be attached to the top of the spar between each of the ribs.   When the leading edge cover is pulled down by one person, the other person tacks the cover to this gluing strip.    Of course the glue was applied before any of these components have been tacked down.

I must have these photos out of series because if you look at this leading edge cover, it extends past the spar.  Earlier you have seen how we cut the cover so that it covers but does not extend past the spar.  Pulling this down in this picture is also how the marks are placed on the cover for final cutting prior to gluing and tacking.

If you have read all of these photos in sequence, you will see that I too am learning every time I make and review one of these web pages.


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