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Building the Pitts Wings

This is a good place for an extra fuel tank


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Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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This is a different construction project from the rest in this exhibit.  

The Pitts here is being constructed in Chicago's west suburbs.  This is a square wing Pitts as opposed to the round wing Pitts featured in this article.  This gentleman is a mechanical engineer and is building this Pitts in the basement of his house which he has recently built himself, also.  There are a number of changes to this wing that he has made from the original plan.  Notice the extra parallel stiffeners he as added to the leading edge.  With exception of frontal impact strength, I don't believe that this adds any strength to the wing.  These strips combined with their large corner blocks attached to each rib add more weight to the wing and may actually, under a high "G" load,  add to the stress of the wing.

He has made this a square wing meaning that the tips of the wing are squared off instead of the original rounded tip.   The wings on Sean Tuckers wings are very similar.  I believe Sean is the current U.S. Champion so this means a lot.  The square wing may actually add more wing area without adding any span to the wing.  Another asset of a square wing is that the aileron extends to the end of the wing allowing for a larger aileron and more torque being added to the roll rate of the aircraft. Aircraft Construction Books
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