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Sliding the Ribs onto the Spar


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Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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You must slide the ribs onto the wing one by one.  

The wing is not secured to the leveling blocks at this time because the entire wing must be picked up so the ribs can be slid on.  If properly built, the ribs should fit tightly on the spars and be relatively difficult to slide into position.   Notice here that there are two types of ribs, a truss rib and a compression rib.  The truss rib is the one made from 1/4 inch cap strips the compression rib is only partially visible on the far left and is covered with mahogany plywood.  There is a compression rib on every end of the drag and anti-drag wires where the wires go through the spars.  There are no drag wires shown in these pictures. 


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