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Clamping the Spar to

Leveling Supports

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Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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When you're ready to start gluing the wing components, you need to be sure that  the wing spars are totally level and parallel.   You would put the level along the length of each spar then on the ends of the spars from spar to spar.  If you get this step wrong, you will have a twisted wing.  In this photo we were just setting up the leveling blocks  to see if they work. 

A couple of things about levels.  If you're using a bubble level you must test the levels in the store because after a report from my cousin who is a highway engineer most of the levels are not accurate.  You test the level by setting the level on a flat, apparently level, surface.  Look at what the level reads.  Now turn the level 180 degrees, now what does the level read.   A good level will show the same amount of inclination.

We set the wings up using a bubble level which read correctly in the previous test.  Next we used a smart level and made the same test.  We were two degrees off.  I know it cost more to buy a smart level, but it will save you big headaches later on.



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