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John Roy Carlson Inspirational Achiever Speaker,
Speaks to the 413th Fighter Group
How the Nazi's are Attacking America from Within.

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Donated by Seth A. Villa

December 1944
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Photo of Roy Carlson Inspirational Achiever speading about Nazi Activity in America
Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

Roy Carlson Inspirational Achiever

Speaks about the Nazi underworld in America

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Veterans,  Read This and See How America is being
Attacked from Within, TODAY

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 Members of the 413th This is Roy Carlson, Author of the much discussed book, "Undercover"

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Under Cover  My four years in the Nazi underworld of America--the amazing revelation of how axis agents and our enemies within are now plotting to destroy the United States by John Roy Carlson

Review By  brainiac jim

"Under Cover" was a best seller in 1943, the story of how an Armenian-American magazine writer became "synthetic Italian" (the author's term) George Pagnanelli, publisher of a short-lived hate sheet and member or hanger-on of thirty fascist, Nazi, or nativist American groups in order to investigate the late 1930s-early 1940s far Right. What Carlson uncovered was pretty interesting; printing houses churning out translated German propaganda or American-made anti-Semitic tracts and books, secretive "gun clubs" full of fascists waiting for the order to begin "the revolution", isolationist pressure groups made up of old ladies who could cry on command while marching around Congress, pro-Japanese black fascists in Harlem hoping that Hitler would kill off the white man, retired US Army Generals attempting to lead or bankroll pro-Nazi "patriotic" groups. In short, a collection of cranks and loons, but ones that could influence American foreign policy, which was already isolationist. After Pearl Harbor, Carlson hoped that his "patriotic" friends would give up the nonsense, but no luck; the propaganda still kept coming while the more openly Nazi or Fascist groups (like the Nazi party clone German American Bund) went underground and members began to encourage draft avoidance while dodging the Army themselves. According to "Under Cover" it was not until 1942 that the F.B.I. began detaining the more famous "patriotic" propagandists like Laura Ingalls or Elizabeth Dilling for sedition.
Why would a Libertarian like Raimondo, editor and columnist of Antiwar.com, hate a sixty-year-old book? Quite simply because it exposes the truth about two of his pet subjects, the America First Committee, and the writer (Lonnie) Lawrence Dennis. The America First began as a small isolationist club formed in 1940 by the Yale son of a Quaker Oats vice-president. Certain businessmen, such as Henry Ford and Jay Hormel (of Hormel Meat fame) put up the cash to expand the organization nation-wide, and by 1942 the group had millions of members. The problem was that the nativists and Nazis began joining the ranks and influencing the leadership, which had no politics except "keep America out of the war." The result: American Firster Charles Lindbergh (of "Spirit of St. Louis" fame) has his name tarnished. Dennis, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was doing. The former "mulatto boy preacher," who for many years passed as white, went from being a leftist in the 1920's to a Fascist after F.D.R. was elected. When Carlson interviewed him in 1942 he plainly stated "I am for National-Socialism in America." Raimondo admires both because they were isolationist, but their isolationism served another purpose, to allow Hitler to dominate Europe.
What I disliked about Carlson's work is that his descriptions of the people he spied on always make them look far more grotesque than their photographs (for example, William Dudley Pelly looked bad due to years of smoking, but Carlson describes him as a walking corpse) while he leaves catty hints that Dennis is actually black. It's just pointlessly vindictive, and spoils a good book which names all the names and leaves the reader in awe that Carlson's "Pagnanelli" facade didn't collapse sooner.

The Plotters Personal Experiences of an Under Cover Agent Investigating Individuals and Groups That Menace Our National unity-A Smashing Expose by Carlson John Roy (Hardcover - 1946)

Under Cover - My Four Years In The Nazi Underworld Of America by John Roy Carlson (Hardcover - 1943

Cairo To Damascus (Paperback)
by John Roy Carlson (Author)

Book Description
Text extracted from opening pages of book: JOHN ROY CARLSON CAIRO TO DAMASCUS 1 9 Alfred A. Knopf 5 i N E w YORK PREFACE IT seems to me there are two ways, generally speaking, to pre pare a book, take a trip, or, for that matter, to live a life. One may go at it dilettante fashion, as a tourist nibbling at experience, titillating the emotions yet emotionally starved, stimulating oneself with ambition yet forever tortured by frustration. Circumstances and temperament, however, may conspire together so that, with the freedom of a nomad, one can escape the straightjacket of everyday boredom, hurdle fences of space and time, and consume life at its sources. Properly directed, such an earthly life may give wing to one's imagination, clarity to one's thinking, strength to one's convictions, and even bring one nearer to the simple, eternal truths of God and spirit This book, I feel, belongs in the second category the cate gory of the primitive. I left my country quite as uninformed, I am afraid, as are most Americans with respect to other peoples and other shores. But everywhere I went I sought to touch reality always honestly, and always at first hand. Everywhere I clung close to the smells, the flora and fauna of native existence. In that spirit I have written of the Arabs among whom I lived. I found much good and much evil evil acquired through a feudal order that, in my opinion, remains the Arab's greatest enemy and his greatest barrier to emergence from the dark ages. I am grateful for Arab hospitality and the kindness I was shown, but a reporter, like a physician, must not remain blind to the ills plaguing his subject. With no desire to attribute to myself or my writings any viii Preface exaggerated importance, it is my fervent hope that the many Armenians living in the Arab Middle East will not suffer at the hands of fanatics because an American of Armenian descent happened to write this book. To them I can only say that I have told the story honestly, as I saw it. And to my Arab friends who asked only that I tell the truth/' I can say in all conscience that I have told the truth. Let me assure them that I speak in this book as an American, and purely in an individual capacity, with no ties to or membership in any Armenian-American body save the church into which I was born. Any retribution against the Armenians a minority island in a Moslem sea would be an unwarranted and senseless cruelty. I have written this book with the hope that it will bring both Arabs and Jews into truer focus for the reader; that it will help reveal what they are and what they are not, what may be expected of them and what is impossible. I pray that these ancient Semitic peoples will reconcile their differences, that Palestine refugees who, in the main, left their homes because Arab leaders urged them to do so expecting a short war and a quick victory will be resettled. The only alternative to peace is disaster for Arab, Jew, and Christian, for none may hope to prosper alone. Together they may ultimately build a prosperous and democratic Middle East. To remain apart, at dagger's point, means only that Communism and anarchy can be the ultimate victors. This book could not have been written without the faith and love of friends. It would never have seen the light of day without the help of those who stood by steadfastly through the four stormy years of its preparation and writing, 1947-51. To Harold Strauss, my editor, and Paul Reynolds, my literary agent, I am grateful for their continuous faith and patience since they took me on four years ago. To the Reverend L. M. Birkhead I am equally thankful for his continued understanding and kindness. To Gerold Frank, who helped enormously in the editing and in clearing up a vast amount of the under brush of writing, I especially owe a lasting debt of gratitude. Preface ix After my book was completed, I asked a Syrian Christian ( who must remain anonymous because of possible retaliation against his relations.


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