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Soldiers Learn to Shoot a Flamethrower
at Bluethenthal Field, North Carolina, World War Two

413th Fighter Group Pictorial Review
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Donated by Seth A. Villa

December 1944
In the following pages you will
see the many photos and the history of the 413th.



Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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 Members of the 413th 
We're So Hot We Sizzle Boast the Chemical Warfare BoysThis flamethrower is hot!

Soldiers in World War Two learn to use 1 flamethrower at Bluethenthal Field, North Carolina.  Being a soldier is not like Hollywood portraits it, training is in all fields.  Fire fighting, NBC Warfare, Emergency Medical training and here the Chemical Warfare School is training these soldiers how to use a flamethrower.  After boot camp, a soldier will go through Class "P" Schools, or Preliminary Training Schools that train soldiers basics in the field that they will work in.  A Class "P" School example would be Aircraft Handling or Mechanical Fundamentals of how to use tools.   Next a soldier goes through a Class "A" School.  This is training in the specific field that the soldier will work.  An example would be Electronics School where the soldier will study a very detailed theory of electronics.  For soldiers who have worked in their field of study for a while, they may return to a Class "B" School.  This would be advanced studies of Electronics, or whatever area the soldier works in.  There are also class "C" schools.  An example of a Class "C" school would be on a specific type of equipment like a UHF Radio, or a TACAN system (Tactical Air Navigation), or an IFF (Identification Friend or Foe).  There are so many different systems in the military it is impossible to list them all, and the list is continuously changing.  Unlike Hollywood shows, where soldiers are all jumping into foxholes or climbing on a ladder, the truth is that soldiers are in a constant state of training in every field and every way imaginable. 

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Psychological warfare is still alive and unless we do something
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