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This is the
413th Fighter Group Pictorial Review
Page 8
photo 4

Donated by Seth A. Villa

December 1944
In the following pages you will
see the many photos and the history of the 413th.


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Picture Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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 Members of the 413th 
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Who are our heroes.  Is Dennis Rodman a good role model?
Are you kidding?
A man covered with tattoos
Wearing earrings
Foul language
He got married to his wife while he was wearing a dress.
Is this a good role model?
He must be, he makes millions.
He is better known than Neil Armstrong.
This is what our kids are seeing as Role Models.
When our kids grow up, how are they going to run our country?
Take a look at the TV Guide or your Satellite Guide
and you will see what your kids are watching and learning
and who they are wanting to be like.
In any one day I could see maybe as many as 200 murders
on TV.  How many murders have you seen in real life.
I have never seen any murders, ever.  When I ask my
friends about this, they have never seen a single
murder, ever.  So why is it if TV is just showing real
life that I can see 200 murders a day.
And we wonder why we are having school
shootings.  We are breeding murder
in our minds and in our hearts as
an option on how to solve a problem.
That's how psychological warfare works.
You don't even realize or your even
go as far as to demand your rights
to see more.  But the sad truth is
that we love our murder movies. People
are naturally attracted to the Beautiful and
the Horrid, so this is where the advertisers
put their money.  Murder, Sex, Violence.
This is what we are teaching our kids.
It's True.

Teach our kids bad things, they will do bad things.
If we teach our kids good things, they will do good things.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.


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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
the 34th fighter Squadron USS Kitty Hawk

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