B-25 Mitchell in the Civil Service
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B-25 Mitchell in Civil Service.

B-25 mitchell used in doolittles raids against japan in ww2, book review

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Book Review

The North American B-25 Mitchell was one of the best-known medium bombers of World War II, especially remembered for its use in the Doolittle raid on Japan in 1942 and its participation in every major theater of the war. Less known, however, is its continued role in the postwar world, both in military and civilian service. Thousands of war surplus B-25s sat on airfields in 1945, available to the highest bidder. Though most B-25s, as other warplanes, were scrapped and smelted, hundreds did enjoy a postwar career in the civil sector. The B-25 is now one of the most prolific surviving Warbirds, and this book tells the story of the type in the years since the end of World War II. The B-25 has provided diverse and distinguished service in roles from fire-fighting to movie production. This books covers all of these roles and includes hundreds of photographs, detailed appendices, and individual aircraft histories of each of the civilian B-25s. 

 Texans and Trojans Magazine, January 1998
The story of the B-25 in civilian service. Thompson lists the individual histories of all these B-25s. It shows FAA listed owners, civilian use as fire bombers, corporate transport, test beds, movie work and their eventual fate. The book should be a valuable tool for the historian and enthusiast alike. Many, many photos both color and black and white.

Fly Past Magazine, July 1998
Those who like their Warbirds on the larger side will already cherishing Scott's "Final Cut", the story of the postwar B-17s. Scott has a keen eye for detail, an academic approach to presenting source material clearly and his works read well. Here are details of executive conversions, research, and development B-25s, air tankers and, of course, of their "new" working life as Warbirds. There is a tribute to Paul Mantz and his airborne camera ships, and lashings of materials on B-25s in firms, including the "full monty" on that outstanding movie, "Catch-22". Lavishly illustrated, the book includes detailed appendices and individual histories of the aircraft.

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