The Grumman F-14 Tomcat
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The Grumman

F-14 Tomcat Jet Fighter

Retired in February 2007
the F-14 Tomcat was Americas Leading US Navy Jet Fighter



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Built by Grumman, this US Navy F-14 Tomcat is our fleet defender
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185780063XLeading US Navy Jet Fighter
185780063XBy Dennis Jenkins

Book Reviews 
Grumman F-14 Tomcat : Leading Us Navy Fleet Fighter 
by Dennis R. Jenkins 
Paperback - 88 pages 2 edition (June 19, 1997) 

Book Description 
This addition to the Aerofax series describes all the variants, including the so-called "Bombcat" attack version and  the extremely capable F-14D. It covers color schemes, squadrons and markings, and aircraft production details.  Lavishly illustrated, it includes close-up details of cockpits and weaponry, giving modelers and enthusiasts superb  access to one of the classic jet fighters of all time. This aircraft is the US Navy Fleet Defender

For a book on the fleet defender that is approaching thirty years of service, a book of 88 pages is certainly insufficient. The author has made a good balance of every aspect of the aircraft to condense the materials in order to fit in the limited space. The result is --- a good book for general readers. Scale modelers may be disappointed for its lack of detail shots of different parts of the Tomcat (supplied in abundance in the old Aerofax series) and its lack of scale plans. Warplane enthusiast may not be satisfied by the black and white photos. However, I must commend on the concise unit history the detail written descriptions on the different variants.

Limited by its size, it comes second to the "Grumman F-14 Tomcat--Shipborne super fighter" from Aerospace in depth, number of illustrations and drawings; it gives no match to "Tomcat Alley" of Schiffer Publishing Ltd which offers photographic coverage of each unit that has flown the Cat. However, as a book for general reader and justified by its size, it is readable and informative and worth's a place in the collection of even Tomcat-freaks.


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F14 Tomcat on the Cats of the Kitty HawkF-14 Tomcat jet fighter on the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk
 Photos by C. Jeff Dyrek

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Historical Events of this West Pac Cruise
  • First West Coast Deployment of  the F-14 Tomcat.
  • First Sea Launched Operational Test of the Harpoon Anti-ship Missile 
US Navy f-14 Tomcat 's on the USS Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier


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