F-14 Tomcat  Movies, Videos and DVD Movies.

F-14 Tomcat  Jet Fighter Movies, Videos, DVD Movies.

An F-14 Tomcat on final approach to the USS Kitty Hawk movies, videos, dvd movies.
An F-14 Tomcat on final approach to the USS Kitty Hawk.
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F-14 Tomcat Pelculas de aviones de combate, vdeos, pelculas en DVD.
F-14 Tomcat Jet Fighter Filme, Videos, DVD Filme.
F-14 Tomcat истребитель фильмы, видео, фильмы.

The US Navy F-14 Tomcat Jet Fighter was manufactured by the Grumman Aircraft Company. Here are Videos, Movies and DVD Movies.

Click Here are some great Movies, Videos and DVD Movies of the US Navy F-14 Tomcat. The US Navy F-14A had two Pratt & Whitney TF-30 engines producing 20,900 lbs of thrust each with a total of 41,800 lbs of thrust.  Later models of the F-14 used 2 General Electric F110 engines producing, in afterburner, 27,000 lbs each and a total of 54,000 lbs of thrust.  The F-14 Tomcat had an empty weight of 40,100 lbs with a max weight of 74,000 lbs.  The Tomcat was 62' 8" Long, 16' high and had a max wingspan of 64' 1".  The F-14 's cruise speed is 610 mph and it has a max speed of 1544 mph. This is the military 's second swing wing jet fighter, the first was the F-111.  This plane is a 2 place jet fighter and was termed the fleet defender.  It first flew on 21 Dec 1970 and had its first west coast fleet deployment on the USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63 in 1977.  I was on that cruise, C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster.  The worlds first microprocessor was developed, secretly, for the wing controller on this swept wing fighter.  We have a great exhibit on this cruise showing the tomcats, just here
We cover every  f14 tomcat video that we can, telling us about your movie experience really helps
Please Note:  The specs here are only for one version of the tomcat, there are many other versions.

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F-14 Tomcat Movies 


Flat Tops

In the Cockpit - DVD

Now, you can experience the awesome world of a U.S. Navy carrier battle group! This tour of modern "flat tops" displays their full operations, from flight planning to heart-stopping launches and bone-jarring landings. You'll roam the Vietnam coast and fly strikes against North Vietnamese targets; see Harrier jets target, attack and dogfight with their adversaries; witness A-6 Intruders, F-14 Tomcats and F/A-18 Hornets in action; and more. Color, 1 hour.

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Fighter Pilots


This 4-DVD collection puts you in the cockpit of the world's hottest fighter aircraft! For more than four hours, you'll fly with F-14 Tomcats as you're blasted off a supercarrier, fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon and meet the pilots who made it a true multi-role fighter in the Gulf War, ride in the cockpit during gut wrenching dogfights and supersonic low-level attacks in the F-15 Eagle, soar over the skies of Iraq in an F/A-18 Hornet as pilots destroy real Iraqi MiGs and then attack low-level at the "speed of heat," tour the airplanes' weapons and systems, and so much more! An 80 value if purchased separately, these four DVD have total runtime of 4 hrs. 40 min.

In the Cockpit - DVD
Showing you all aspects of modern air combat, this 6-DVD collection includes all six titles - Fly Low, Hit Hard; Target Tank; Eagles in the Sky; Red Star; Flat Tops; and Spies in the Sky - from the In the Cockpit series! You'll view thrilling footage of the A-4 Skyhawk, the F-4 Phantom, the A-7 Corsair II, the Huey Cobra, the F-15 Eagle, the Soviet MiG-29 Fulcrum, the F-14 Tomcat, the SR-71 Blackbird, and many others. 6 hours.

F-14 Cockpit

Gulf War Mission - DVD

Go where few have gone before: into the cockpit of an F-14 during a wartime mission! Filmed during the first Gulf War, this amazing video puts you in the F-14 during taxiing and takeoff; on a mission over the Gulf; through barrel rolls, midair refueling, and extreme low level flight over desert and mountains; for touch-and-go carrier landings; and more. Includes live audio with pilot input, inspiring music, and air-to-air scenes unlike anything you've viewed before. 1 hr. 15 min.

Military Air Power
4 DVD Video Set
The flying action never stops in this 4-DVD collection of military aircraft videos. Wings of Silver presents heart-pounding displays of the USAF's front-line fighters and the stealthy B-2 bomber; high-speed aircraft carrier flight operations in Wings of Gold include a ride in an F-14 for a duel with a Libyan MiG and a marvelous display of the F/A-18; in Thunder from Above, you'll fly over Iraq in the world's most technologically sophisticated aircraft; and Nightstalkers finally reveals the complete, gripping saga of America's Stealth program.
4 hours total run time;

Operation Desert Storm

DVD Video

First Air Attacks!
Go where few have been before: on board the supercarrier USS John F. Kennedy during the first wave of attacks in the first Gulf War. The cameras that filmed this action were the only ones there - and now you can witness the intensity - and the afterburners! - that only they were able to capture. Includes brief narration, a musical overture, aircraft facts, and close-up looks at F-14 Tomcats
, F/A-18 Hornets, EA6 Prowlers, Harriers, Corsair IIs, Helicopters and more! Color, 1 hr. 20 min.  

America's Fighting Jets 4-DVD Set
4-DVD Videos
You'll practically feel the G-forces as you streak through the skies aboard the military's finest jets. This definitive, four-DVD set exploring the many aircraft - including F-15 Eagles, stealth fighters, Falcons and others - that daily stand guard in defense of freedom shows you jets from today's U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps as well as those from the Cold War, experimental designs, and others. Color, 4 hours on four DVDs.

  Afterburner Boogie - DVD
Hot Jets, Cool Music.
This program features great music set to incredible footage of your favorite jet fighters, including F-14 Tomcats flying to Amazing Grace, A-10 Thunderbolts waltzing to The Blue Danube and F-15 Eagles and others rocking and rolling to one track after the other. You'll see cockpit views, aerial refueling, amazing crashes and mishaps, bomb and missile strikes, carrier takeoffs and landings, and much more! Color and B&W, 45 minutes.

Afterburner Boogie
Hot Jets, Cool Music. Watch F-14s fly to Amazing Grace, see A-10s waltz to Blue  Danube, watch F-15s rock and roll in one track after the other. Great music set to  the hottest - and latest - footage, selected just for this production. Included are  some of the classic crashes, some just-de-classified shots and those  once-in-a-lifetime shots that youve just got to see. 45 min.  


Wings of Gold
DVD Movie

The U.S. Navys fiercest fighting planes in a one hour action video. Includes F/A-18  Hornet, F-14 Tomcat, A-6 Intruder, E-2C Hawkeye, and AV-8B Harrier. Aircraft  carrier flight operations on the high seas, Tomcats vs. Libyan MiG's, and the Blue  Angels too! Color. 60 min.

Carrier: Fortress at Sea

Spend a month in the most extraordinary town in America. It's 1,000 feet long, 24  stories tall, carries 3 million gallons of jet fuel and comes with Tomcats, Hornets,  Intruders and more. It is also home to more than 5,000 men. Witness the incredible  life aboard a nuclear aircraft carrier with brilliant photography and unprecedented  access to the men, machines and technology. 92 min. video

F-14 Tomcat
Rated: NR 
Freedom Strike
Starring: Michael Dudikoff,
Surface to Air
A great movie about the USS Kitty Hawk in the Mediterranean

Tomcat Territory

Born out of the failed TFX program, the Navys Grumman Tomcat has proven to be  the Wests premier air defense fighter. Just ask a Libyan Air force pilot. Dramatic  in-flight footage of 'Top Gun' training and carrier deployment. Listen in as two F-14s  engage and destroy two Libyan fighters in a 1989 incident. 60 min.

Nova - Top Gun Over Moscow
Covers Russian Aircraft -- Not the Grumman F14 tomcat
Rated: NR 
Director: Lance K. Shultz, Lynne Squilla

For half a century we feared them. Now, for the first time, meet the rugged pilots of the Russian Air Force, and take a close-up look at  the heart-stopping maneuvers that still fill Western flyers with awe. 

Webmasters Note:  The photo here is of the Russian Frogfoot (I think) this aircraft is very much liked by US pilots that have flow it.  It serves the same function as the A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog) except our pilots say it's a lot faster, climbs faster and can go supersonic.

Top Gun 
Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis 
Director: Tony Scott
Grumman F14 tomcat

amazone.com essential video 
Jingoism, beefcake, military hardware, and a Giorgio Moroder rock score reign supreme over taste and logic in this Tony Scott film  about a maverick trainee pilot (Tom Cruise) who can't follow the rules at a Navy aviation training facility. The dogfight sequences between American and Libyan jets at the end are absolutely mechanical, though audiences loved it at the time. The love story between Cruise's character and that of Kelly McGillis is like flipping through pages of advertising in a glossy magazine. This designer action movie from 1986 would be all the more appalling were it not for the canny casting of good actors in dumb parts. Standouts include Anthony  Edwards--who makes a nice impression as Cruise's average-Joe pal--and the relatively unknown Meg Ryan in a small but memorable appearance. The DVD release has optional full-screen and widescreen presentations, optional French soundtrack, optional Spanish subtitles, and closed captioning. --Tom Keogh 

 Final Countdown
Has some short A-6 shots

From the webmaster:  This is one of my favorite movies.  Lots of great F-14 shots also shots of the E-2C Hawkeye, A-7 Corsair II, H-3, A6M (Jap Zero).  I 've watched this movie at least twenty times and want to see it again. C. Jeff Dyrek


The Story of Top Gun 

America's Top Guns

F-14 Tomcat scenes like youve never witnessed before. Join the men who fly the Navys most advanced fighter, learn about the missile systems, the countermeasures,  its abilities and mystique. Ride with combat pilots being trained while they joust with  one-another at the speed of sound in simulated aerial combat. Learn why the  Tomcat pilots have as their motto, "Anytime, Baby." 57 min.

Top Guns
Weapons at War

At the Navy's "Top Gun" school, the best of the best are separated from the rest in one of the most  intense training regimens on earth. High above the western deserts, the most promising pilots in the  world battle to find out who has what it takes. Take to the skies with aspiring aces for a first person  view of the training exercises that forge a new generation of dogfighters. Meet with instructors who  reveal what separates an ace from a regular pilot, and see how the regimen has been refined over the  years. Graduates recall their difficult days studying the tactics of the greatest pilots of all time, and  applying them in mach-speed, real-life drills. And intense footage captures the speed and skill, danger  and daring of the students who go to the edge of the envelope in the hopes of becoming Top Guns. 50  min.

Jet Fighter

A thrilling look at t the toughest group of jets to fly at Mach 2 speeds. You're in the  cockpits of the F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Falcon, F-18 Hornet and F-20  Tigershark. Get a close-up look at their weapons and super-new avionics systems, as  well as their neck-snapping dog fighting tactics guaranteed to thrill! 42 min. 

The Ace Factor
Air Combat II

Aces are the superstars of military aviation. Minimum requirement: Five confirmed  combat kills. This video explores how operations like Top Gun (Navy) and Red Flag  (Air Force) create tomorrow's aces, by adapting the techniques of aerial combat's  past masters to today's technology. Color, 45 min

Top Gun
Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis
Keep Case 
the dvd videos are great 
also some good shots of the A-4 skyhawk
Executive Decisions
w/ Kurt Russell & Steven Segal

Steven Seagal gets killed during the first 20 minutes of this enjoyable thriller, so the movie scores points for ingenuity because it  immediately improves when you realize that Seagal's role is just a heroic cameo. That leaves Kurt Russell to star as an American  intelligence expert who (due to Seagal's untimely demise) finds himself leading a strike force against Islamic terrorists who have seized  in-flight control of a 747 jetliner with 400 passengers. It's not all that different from Air Force One, but the formula story perks right along with considerable suspense as Russell's cohorts (Oliver Platt, Joe Morton) try to defuse a chemical bomb that could wipe out (you  guessed it) the entire Eastern seaboard. John Leguizamo plays one of the U.S. commandos attempting to stop the violent hijackers, and Halle Berry costars as a flight attendant who risks her life to assist Russell's rescue team. As action movies go, Executive Decision  marked an impressive directorial debut for veteran film editor Stuart Baird. --Jeff Shannon --This text refers to the DVD edition. 

Russan Top Gun
Not about the Grumman F14 tomcat


Hope your day is going well. Your website is the best CV-63 and VF-114 site I have seen, but I am trying to get in touch with my shipmates from the 77-78 cruise. I was a plane captain for VF-114 and based at Miramar with the Aardvarks. Any suggestions on sites or resources to find some old buddies.
Mark Platt
AD-3 VF-114

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