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The A-6 Intruder  US Navy Jet Fighter, Light Attack, Videos and DVD Movies.

A-6 Intruder US Navy Light Attack Jet Fighters

A-6 Intruder Jet Fighter Airplane.
A-6 Intruder Jet Fighter DVD Videos and DVD Movies.  The A6 Intruder is one of the longest flying Military Jet Fighters or Light Attack, All Weather, Jet Fighter.  Look at these DVD Videos and DVD Documentary Movies to learn the history of the A6 Intruder and the US Navy Aviation.

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Here's a great collection of movies about the A-6 Intruder. The A-6 Intruder was one of the very first all weather, light attack bombers. 

In this Movie, Video and DVD Movie section you will learn a lot about the A-6 Intruder jet fighter. The A-6 Intruder comes in two major versions, the A-6A, a two seater used for both bombing and as a tanker, and the EA-6B a four seat electronics countermeasures version called the Prowler. The A-6 Intruder was manufactured by Grumman Aircraft Company.  The A-6 is 59' 10" long, 16' 3" high and has a wingspan of  53' 0".  The A-6 has  an empty weight of 32,160 lbs and a max weight of 65,000 lbs.  The A-6 Intruder uses two J52-P-8A engines each producing 9,300 lbs of thrust for a total of 18,600 lbs of thrust.  The Intruder had a cruise speed of 482 kts and a max speed of 658 kts and a maximum range of  1628 miles.  The A-6 Intruder is one of the first all weather light attack bombers using special electronics and a device called the Highway in the Sky.
Please Note:  The specifications on this page are only for a single model of this airplane other versions will be different. 
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A-6 Intruder Videos.

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Flat Tops Flat Tops
In the Cockpit - DVD

Now, you can experience the awesome world of a U.S. Navy carrier battle group! This tour of modern "flat tops" displays their full operations, from flight planning to heart-stopping launches and bone-jarring landings. You'll roam the Vietnam coast and fly strikes against North Vietnamese targets; see Harrier jets target, attack and dogfight with their adversaries; witness A-6 Intruders, F-14 Tomcats and F/A-18 Hornets in action; and more. Color, 1 hour.



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Flight of the intruder, a movies about the a6 intruder military jet fighter

Flight of the Intruder (1991)  DVD Movie

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ASIN: B000094J5Y

Time has been kind to Flight of the Intruder, a rousing aviation-action adventure that looks better now than it did to critics who panned it in 1991. Perhaps they were expecting a Tom Clancy-ish blockbuster (producer Mace Neufeld oversaw the Jack Ryan franchise), but director John (Conan the Barbarian) Milius had something potentially more substantial in mind. The first 75 minutes are pure Milius: Macho bluster, male bonding among ill-fated pilots and Naval bombardiers, and a Big Wednesday-like passion for dangerous fun. But Milius's favorite topics have sharper teeth here: He's made a scathing anti-Vietnam film that still honors the bravery of soldiers who do their job even when the job itself seems pointless. That's why ace Brad Johnson (why didn't he become a huge star?) and maverick bombardier Willem Dafoe plot a renegade mission, bombing a Hanoi arms depot with their low-altitude A-6 Intruder in the movie's pyrotechnical climax. Fringe benefits abound, including early roles for Tom Sizemore, Ving Rhames, and David Schwimmer in his big-screen debut, three years before Friends and looking like the dweeby grandchild of his Band of Brothers martinet. --Jeff Shannon

The Final Countdown DVD Movie

The Final Countdown (Widescreen Edition) (1980)
DVD Movie

From the webmaster:  This is one of my favorite movies.  Lots of great F-14 shots also shots of the E-2C Hawkeye, A-7 Corsair II, H-3, A6M (Jap Zero).  I 've watched this movie at least twenty times and want to see it again. C. Jeff Dyrek
ASIN: B000096IAC

This movie was produced by 
Grumman bout the A-6A.  It is a classic movie.
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When Hell Was in Session
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an a6 intruder, tanker version,  A-6 D, aboard the USS Kitty Hawk............a EA-6B prowler aboard the USS Kitty Hawk
A-6's aboard the USS Kitty Hawk
 Photos by C. Jeff Dyrek


Manufacturer Grumman
Length 59'10"
Height 16'3"
Span 53'0"
Area 529 sq. ft.
Empty Weight 32160 lbs
Max Weight 65000
Engines 2
Powerplant Pratt & Whitney J52-P-8A
Thrust 9300 lbs each
Range  1628 N Miles
Cruise Speed 482 kts
Max Speed 658 kts


Manufacturer Grumman
Length 54'9"
Height 16'2"
Span 53'0"
Area 529 sq. ft.
Empty Weight 26743 lbs.
Max. Weight 60400 lbs.
Engines 2
Powerplant Pratt & Whitney J52-P-8A
Thrust each 9300
Range 1010 NMiles
Cruise Speed 470 Kts
Max. Speed 644

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