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F-16 Falcon   Movies, Videos, & DVD Movies.

Watching movies about this jet fighter increase your kids understanding of many types of technology not only about jet fighters but about military weapons systems, air navigation, aerodynamics and much more.  Here's a trick, watch one of these movies then go visit an air show, you and your kids will have a ball and learn a whole lot at the same time.  Here's a list of Movies, Videos and DVD Movies about the F-16 Falcon. 

The F-16 Fighting Falcon was built by General Dynamics. 

It used a Pratt & Whitney F100 turbo jet engine producing 14,870 lbs of thrust when in afterburner produced 23,830 lbs of thrust.  The F-16 's max speed is 1350 mph with a cruise speed of 577 mph. The "A" model has an empty weight of 14, 567 lbs and a max weight of 33,000 lbs.  In contrast, a later version, the F-16 N produced a total thrust with afterburner of 27,000 lbs.
Please Note that the specs listed on this page are for only one version of the F-16 Falcon.  Other Versions of the Falcon have different specs.

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F-16 Falcon Movies

America's Team - DVD
Being a USAF Thunderbird
Climb aboard for the ride of your life! This program takes you behind the scenes of dazzling 2007 U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron air shows to view the Thunderbirds like you've never seen them before. You'll view thrilling in-cockpit performance footage, pilot interviews, maintenance procedures and, of course, many of the famous maneuvers. Bonus footage includes an F-16 Fighting Falcon cockpit tour and a guided F-16 walk-around. Widescreen, stereo, 58 minutes.  






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America's Fighting Jets 4-DVD Set
4-DVD Videos
You'll practically feel the G-forces as you streak through the skies aboard the military's finest jets. This definitive, four-DVD set exploring the many aircraft - including F-15 Eagles, stealth fighters, Falcons and others - that daily stand guard in defense of freedom shows you jets from today's U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps as well as those from the Cold War, experimental designs, and others. Color, 4 hours on four DVDs.

Out of the Sun


Produced by Lockheed Martin to promote its new F-16 fighter, this video features interviews with all-time great fighter pilots Erich Hartmann, Gabby Gabreski, Adolf Galland, Tex Hill, Douglas Bader and others, who describe their ideal aircraft and tell us their secrets for success while relaying to us what it was like to fly in combat. A one-of-a-kind find! 31 minutes.

Fighter Pilots


This 4-DVD collection puts you in the cockpit of the world's hottest fighter aircraft! For more than four hours, you'll fly with F-14 Tomcats as you're blasted off a supercarrier, fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon and meet the pilots who made it a true multi-role fighter in the Gulf War, ride in the cockpit during gut wrenching dogfights and supersonic low-level attacks in the F-15 Eagle, soar over the skies of Iraq in an F/A-18 Hornet as pilots destroy real Iraqi MiGs and then attack low-level at the "speed of heat," tour the airplanes' weapons and systems, and so much more! An 80 value if purchased separately, these four DVD have total runtime of 4 hrs. 40 min.

Afterburn - DVD
Based on a true story, this 1992 drama stars Laura Dern as the widow of a U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot killed in a crash. Working with a lawyer, she refuses to accept "pilot error" as the official explanation of her husband's death and discovers that the truth may in fact be much more sinister. Rated R. 1 hr. 43 min.

Thunderbirds, The: Thunder Over the Pacific (1997) 
Final Mission (1993) 

Webmasters Report:  The cover is great, there are many great falcon scenes but watching the movie one time is enough.

Falcon Domain

The F-16 Fighting Falcon, the Air Forces’ air defense fighter and the Navy’s new 'Top  Gun' aggressor aircraft, is featured in this in-depth video. You’re in the cockpit during  breathtaking low level attacks and 9-G dogfighting. The F-16XL and the new Lantirn  night-time attack system, along with the Air Force’s new air combat computer  maneuvering system, will take you into the 21st Century of air combat. You’ll fly with  the world famous 'Thunderbirds' as they do their performance to music. Color Hi-Fi, 90 min.

Thunderbirds & Blue Angels

You’re in the cockpit with America’s Jet Teams, from airshow to combat. Go head to  head with real enemy MiGs in a gut-wrenching dog fight and go down on the deck during a low-level bombing run to deliver the knockout punch. You’ll get the first look  at the future Thunderbirds and Blue Angels aircraft including the F-22 Raptor, F-18E  Super Hornet and Joint Strike Fighter... all coming in the next century to thrill airshow crowds and defend America’s skies. 60 min.

Blue Angels/Thunderbirds 
Thunderbirds Blue Angels & Golden Knights (1997) 
The Thunderbirds and the F-16 

The United States Air Force Thunderbirds, one of the world's finest flight demonstration teams, perform their thrilling aerial show in this documentary. Interviews with pilots and crew, great air-to-air footage of the T'Birds in action, background on the Thunderbirds and  their mission, and wonderful music by the Air Force band and chorus. If you like jet fighters, you'll love this show. 

The Ultimate Airshow

For the first time at any air show in North America, see the Thunderbirds, Canadian Forces Snowbirds and the Royal Air Force Red Arrows Jet Demonstration Teams fly at  the same show! Plus much more including wing walkers, sky diving, biplane stunt  flying and the Stealth fighter. Color. 60 min.

Hot Flying

All the thunderous, heart-stopping intensity of flight from the best of Aviation Week. You’ll see disastrous episodes from the pioneering days of flight testing, rigorous   in-cockpit training with stalls and spin tests, crash of the MiG-29 at the Paris Air  Show, Soviet Su-27 performing its incredible cobra maneuver, gut-wrenching ride in  the cockpit of an F-16, and much, much more! Approx. 1 hr.

The World's Aerobatic Teams

Top-notch military pilots fly fine-tuned F-16s and F/A-18s. Alpha jets and Hawks in  formations so tight their wings seem to touch. The Blue Angels, The Thunderbirds, Canada’s Snowbirds, British Red Arrows, Patrouille de France... and more.

Viper F-16

Modern Military Aircraft
Take your chances with this.  It may be a book, a video, or DVD, it's your choice, but the picture on the cover looks great so here it is.

Iron Eagle 

Gossett Jr, Gedrick
Short of Top Gun, this could be the definitive boys movie of the 1980s. An 18-year-old (Jason Gedrick) gets instruction from an old  vet (Louis Gossett Jr.) in how to fly an F-16 jet and kick butt in the Middle East, all while listening to his Walkman and--oh, yeah--saving his father from terrorist clutches. Gossett wears his tough-love face while the kids run rampant. Speaking of kids, young  guys must like this comic-book movie, as its success spawned three sequels. But watch out for the Reagan-era jingoism and political  reductiveness. --Tom Keogh 

Webmasters Report: Excellent video you gotta see this.  Also great for kids and also great for great  f 16 photos
Click Here to see the Y-I-BET on the Youth of America program.

Iron Eagle 2 
Gossett Jr, Humphrey
Great photos of the F-16 Falcon, F-4 Phantom, and the C-130 Hercules.  Also, some short shots of the A-4 Skyhawk, Mirage 2000 and the TU-27 Russian Bear

Webmasters report:
This movie stinks, it makes our pilots look like a bunch of filthy, lawless, bums.  The movie stinks and the story is trashy and so are the effects. there are, however some good shots of the f-16, the f-4 and the C 130.  I did remove this video's link from this site.  How do you destroy a country?  Teach it's kids terrible things and that's what this movie does.

Click Here to see the Y-I-BET on the Youth of America program.

Iron Eagle 3 - Aces
Louis Gossett 

Webmasters Report: 
This movie is back to great.  There are no f16s in this movie but I put it on this page because of the iron eagle series. There's a lot of action and some very rare views of Bert Rutans Mud Fighter.  This video is worth watching.  This also includes great action photos of a Me-109 Messerschmitt, a P-38 Lightning and other Warbirds.

Click Here to see the Y-I-BET on the Youth of America program.

Iron Eagle 4
Louis Gossett 

Webmasters Report:  This movie is also very good and great for the kids.

  Click Here to see the Y-I-BET on the Youth of America program.

Thunderbirds-Then and Now 

United States
Air Force Thunderbirds


This DVD brings the thrilling aerobatics of the famous USAF Thunderbirds roaring into your living room! You'll thrill to four action-packed programs, including USAF Now, which features the Thunderbirds flying the T-38; Supersonic Thunderbirds, with breathtaking Super Sabre maneuvers such as power climbs, cloverleaf turns and the spectacular "bomb burst;" Cross Over, a goodwill tour of South America; Thunderbird F-16s; and the bonus feature Warbirds Over Indiana. Color, 1 hr. 18 min.

Thunderbirds Tour de Force (1996) 

This documentary is about the United States Air Force Thunderbirds, who have been flying since 1953 and have thrilled millions of  people around the world with there awesome skills and abilities. The Thunderbirds, often called America's Ambassadors in Blue,  demonstrate the skills needed to fly high performance aircraft with unbelievable precision. 

This documentary starts with the F-84 as their first aircraft and then on to the F-100 super Sabre in 1956. Then came the Republic Aviation F-105 Thunderchief in 1964 that lasted for only six proud performances and a quick return back to the F-100. Then in 1969  came the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II, an airplane as big as the famous World War II bomber, the B-17. Next came the Northrop T-38 Talon in 1974 that flew with the team until it was replaced by the F-16 Fighting Falcon in 1983. Today the  Thunderbirds still fly an upgraded F-16, and are still thrilling crowds all over the world. 




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