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Videos & DVD Movies of the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter.  The F-117 is the very first of the totally stealth aircraft.  Using the engines and landing gear from the F-18 Hornet and fitted with a faceted fuselage, this aircraft borrowed some old technology and added the all new stealth aircraft to the modern battlefield.  For the Stealth Fighters, to remain stealthy, they had to carry their weapons in the inside of the fuselage.   Also, with all of the very non-aerodynamic facets, the F-117 Stealth Fighters had to have specially built flight computers so the pilot could remain in control of the aircraft.   Although this plane is called a fighter, it carries no guns, cannot go supersonic and is used only for night bombing raids.   The F-117 proved itself very effective in delivering very large, precision guided bombs in the Gulf War.  One question that I have for the readers is do the F117 Stealth Fighters have a radar?  If so, how do they keep the ground radar returns from bouncing off of the fuselage and getting into the antenna, then reflecting back to the source?

The modern stealth airplane is defined as a plane with a low radar return signature.   However, another unknown stealth factor is that the internal electronics produce a very low emission of  radio frequencies.   To further understand this type of emission, you can test this yourself by taking a hand calculator or a camera strobe and holding it near the antenna of an AM radio.  Tune the radio to a place where there is no station playing.  Flash the strobe then listen to its recharge on the radio or play with the calculator and listen to the logic gates switch on and off.  These are radio spectrum emissions.  Military aircraft design engineers go through great lengths to squelch these types of emissions so that they will not give off radio waves that can be detected by the enemy. All AirplanesFly to the Airplane DVD Video Movies Index
F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Самолет DVD Видео, фильмы и документальные фильм.     Los F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Aircraft DVD videos, pelculas y documentales de cine.      Die F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Aircraft DVD Videos, Filme und Dokumentationen Film.

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F-117 Stealth Fighter DVD Movies


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Wings Collection: Wings Over Vietnam & Nighthawk, Secrets of the Stealthe/irB000I0559I

Product Description

Wings over Vietnam Meet the men who took on some of the war's most daring missions  and climb aboard the planes that went with them. The Phantom, SideWinder and Skyhawk filled the skies over Southeast Asia more than two decades ago, becoming emblematic of the war's most vital chapters. And in a testament to their longevity  all three are still in service today. Nighthawk: Secrets of the Stealth The F-117 Nighthawk, better known as the Stealth Fighter, has been flying since the 1980s. But until the Gulf War erupted, almost nothing was known about this hidden-to-radar aircraft. Now, follow the chronological development of the Nighthawk as interviews with engineers and designers reveal key facts about the world's most invisible jet fighter. ASIN: B000I0559I     from 30.99






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America's Fighting Jets 4-DVD Set00V9801vspace="4" border="0" width="250" height="308" align="left">

America's Fighting Jets 4-DVD Set
4-DVD Videos
You'll practically feel the G-forces as you streak through the skies aboard the military's finest jets. This definitive, four-DVD set exploring the many aircraft - including F-15 Eagles,
Stealth Fighters, Falcons and others - that daily stand guard in defense of freedom shows you jets from today's U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps as well as those from the Cold War, experimental designs, and others. Color, 4 hours on four DVDs.
00V9801    14


This movie  has great shots of the F-117 Stealth Fighter and the C-5 Galaxy Air Force cargo airplane. It also has some short shots of the C-130 Hercules, F-4 Phantom and f-16 Falcon.
2.99    ASIN 630263296X
Webmasters Note: This is a very good movie with some great air to air refueling scenes

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Stealth Technology
Modern Marvels

Take to the skies with the most advanced planes ever built. Learn how the radical design and cutting-edge technology of the F-117 and its larger cousin, the B-2 Bomber, allow these planes to avoid detection by even the most sophisticated radar  systems. In exclusive interviews, Air Force officials and company executives recall  the long struggle to perfect an "invisible" airplane, and combat pilots reveal what it is  like to fly the most effective strike aircraft ever built. 50 min.
.....#00V8605 2

1585850217Stealth Fighter 

Witness the still super secret F-117 Stealth Fighter that has been America's greatest threat to hostile nations. You'll witness the complete  fighter arsenal of the U.S. Air Force and what it has to offer in new fighter technology. See the F-15 Eagle and the F-16 Falcon fly-off in a  Red Flag exercise. You'll see test flights of the F-16XL, performances by the A-10 and F-16 Voice command system. Finally you'll  witness test pilots in a simulated combat mission between Navy F-14s and the Air Forces F-15s. 
from 2 

B00003IXCNStealth Fighter (1999) 

You gotta see this one.  Four out of four viewers gave this movie a one star rating.  In order to get this bad of a rating, the movie must have really stunk.  Maybe it's a stealthy good movie,  you just can't see the good in it.

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