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Douglas B-18 Bolo

Hardbound Book
The Ultimate Look: From Drawing Board to U-Boat Hunter Wolf. In this meticulously researched book - the first ever dedicated to the little-known Douglas B-18 Bolo, which was America's most numerous frontline bomber at the time of Pearl Harbor - you'll read about the aircraft and its development, of its testing and manufacture, and of its combat experience in World War II. 216 pages, 260+ B&W and color photographs, 8"x 11", hardcover.

Douglas Havoc and Boston
The DB-7/A-20 Series
Thompson. This book explores the history of the DB-7, an advanced attack bomber developed for the U.S. Army Air Corps but first built for the French and then the RAF. You'll learn how, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, A-20s proved among USAAC's most capable aircraft and then see their later service with the 9th and 5th Air Forces. 176 pages, 200 B&W photographs plus 8-page color section, 8"x 11", hardcover.

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Jet Bomber Aircraft Books

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Click Here's a great selection of books.  These Bomber books are carefully selected from the amazoneBook Store and the Historic Aviation Book Store so you don't have to weed out the thousands of irrelevant books found on those other sites.  These aviation books cover military aviation books and general aviation books.  This is just one page in a huge aviation book store.  Just on the Aviation Books link above to take you to the front door of this huge Aviation Book Store.

WW2 تفجير الطائرات النفاثة والطيران الكتب.


WW2 et Jet Aviation bombardier livres.

WW2 und Jet Aviation Flugzeuge Bomber Bcher.

WW2 और जेट बमवर्षक विमान उड्डयन किताबें.


WW2 i bombowiec samolotw odrzutowych w lotnictwie książek.

2МВ реактивный бомбардировщик, и самолет авиации книг.




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