Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Models, B-17 Models, Pictures and Aviation Nose Art Clocks 

Model Kits, Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Models, B-17 Models.

B-17 Models, B-17 Flying Fortress Model Airplane Kits
Model Kits of the B-17 Models, Model Airplane Kits and Diecast Models.  The B17 Flying Fortress was one of the most famous World War 2 bombers ever made.  This World War 2 bomber was in more movies than any other airplane.  If you go to an Air Show, many times you can go through a real B17 Flying fortress just like you saw in the movies and just like the B-17 Model that you will build from this page.  Build a B-17 and learn the history of the Flying Fortress first hand.

Kits modelo de la B-17 Modelos Flying Fortaleza, kits modelo del aeroplano y modelos diecast. El B17 Flying Fortress fue uno de los m? famosos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial dos bombarderos jam? se ha hecho. Esta 2 ? Guerra Mundial fue bombardero en m? pel?ulas que cualquier otro avi?. Si usted va a un espect?ulo a?eo, muchas veces usted puede ir a trav? de una verdadera B17 Flying Fortress al igual que lo visto en las pel?ulas y al igual que la B-17 modelo que va a construir a partir de esta p?ina. Construcci? de un B-17 y conocer la historia de la mano de Flying Fortress primero.

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Model Kits Boeing B-17 Models, Plastic Model Kits B-17 Pictures and Aviation Nose Art Clocks

Diecast B-17 Models, Super Fortress Models, Plastic Model Kits of the B-17 aircraft. The B-17 Flying Fortress was made by the Boeing Aircraft Company.  The B-17 was 74' 4" long, 19' 1" high and had a wingspan of 103' 10"  The B17 bombers empty weight was 36,135 lbs and it had a Gross Weight of 65,500 lbs.  The B-17 used four Wright R-1820-97 Cyclone engines each producing 1200 hp giving it a total of 4,800 hp.  The Boeing B-17 flying fortress has a Cruise Speed of 182 mph, a Maximum Speed of 287 mph, a service ceiling of 35,600 ft. and a maximum range of 3400 miles. The flying fortress is one of the WW2 airplanes that was considered one of the heavy bombers.  To the Allied effort this plane is really like a vitamin b-17.  Please note that these are the specs for only one of the B-17 variations, other models will have different specifications.

Building plastic models are not only fun, they are also very educational.

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Boeing B-17 Models.  

B-17 Models

1/72 B-17 Models

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1/48 B-17 Models

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Memphis Belle Metal Sculpture
Handcrafted and painted by expert craftsmen, this stunning metal sculpture of the famous B-17 Flying Fortress "Memphis Belle" features textured surfaces, welded joints, realistic pin-up girl nose art, and more. 25" wingspan.

B-17G Flying Fort 1/72 Model
Made of Philippine mahogany, this 1/72 scale model measures 17¼" in length with a  wingspan of 12½". Hand painted and detailed, model comes ready to display on the  included base.

Model and a Movie

Build a Model and
Watch a Movie

B-17F Flying Fortress 1/72 Kit
Memphis Belle
Plastic Model Kit
This highly detailed plastic kit of the famed bomber features fully engraved panel  lines, realistic cockpit interior, authentic bomb bay, and nose armament with clear  canopy. Includes optional position landing gear and bomb bay door as well as manually operated ball-turret. Includes choice of markings for either Memphis Belle or  Miss Ouachita. 17" wingspan.

Memphis Belle The Movie
Memphis Belle - DVD Movie
This 1990 action-packed thriller - starring MaThew Modine and Eric Stoltz - is a fictionalized account of the B-17 Flying Fortress Memphis Belle and her young crewmen, who must make one more bombing run to complete their full tour of 25 missions and return home as heroes. Hoping for a "milk run" over France, the crew is instead faced with a dangerous bombing raid over Bremen, Germany, that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat! Full screen and widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1, Rated PG-13. 1 hr. 47 min.

From the Webmaster:  When you are building a model, watch a movie too.  With the Memphis Belle, you will learn about the construction details of the aircraft and, at the same time, you will be learning about the history of the Memphis Belle, all while your having a great time and being highly entertained.  And, This movie is Absolutely Fantastic. 

B-17F Flying Fortress 1/72 Scale Model Kit
Memphis Belle
Plastic Model Kit
This highly detailed plastic kit of the famed bomber features fully engraved panel  lines, realistic cockpit interior, authentic bomb bay, and nose armament with clear  canopy. Includes optional position landing gear and bomb bay door as well as manually operated ball-turret. Includes choice of markings for either Memphis Belle or  Miss Ouachita. 17" wingspan.

B-17F "Memphis Belle" 1/48 Kit
324th Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group
the Memphis Belle (the famous B-17F Flying Fortress flown by the 324th Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group), this 1/48 scale, plastic kit - with a wingspan measuring more than 2-feet wide! - features textured surfaces, a well-equipped cockpit, a glazed nose with a realistic bombsight, two bombs on external pylons, rotating machine gun turrets and propellers, detailed landing gear, a choice of two USAAF markings, and more. 25?" wingspan; 107 parts, skill level 5.

B-17 Flying Fortress Model Airplane Kits

B-17G Flying Fortress 1/48 Scale Model Kit
Plastic Model Kit
Possibly the most famous aircraft to emerge from WWII, the B-17 carried the air war  to Germany and Japan in ever increasing numbers. Plastic kit includes detailed  interior, gunner stations, cockpit, and landing gear. Molded in silver, skill level 2.

B-17G Balsa Wood Model Kit
Balsa Wood Model Kit
The ultimate in balsa wood display kits, this 1/28 scale giant has a Huge 45¾" wingspan  when completed - that's nearly four feet! Includes finely detailed plastic gun turrets and dummy engines, rugged landing gear and a sturdy wing/fuselage interlock. Build it with either movable or unmovable flying surfaces. Assembly required.

Boeing B-307 Display Model
Pan Am
Pre Built Mahogany Model
Based on the B-17.
In 1938, the Boeing Model 307, with wings and tail surfaces based on the B-17, was  the first fully pressurized airliner in the world to enter service. But despite that pedigree, only 10 were ever built. Today, the sole remaining Stratoliner, now fully  restored, it set to go on display at the National Air and Space Museum. Made of  Philippine mahogany, this 1/72 scale model has an 18½" wingspan, is hand painted and detailed with Pan Am markings, and comes ready to display on the included  base.


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    B-17 Superfortress Everything   

   Read about the 8th Air Force, World War 2 in Action  


Air War Film Expo Vol. 2

Running time 1:44. Three rare WWII aviation films made during combat. The Memphis Belle - Fly with the Belle’s crew on the 25th and final mission, a daring daylight attack on the submarine pens at Wilhelmshaven. A great historical documentary. Color. Target Tokyo - Ronald Reagan narrates. Follow the giant B-29 Super Forts flying from their secret base against stiff flak and fighter opposition to blast the Japanese homeland. Thunderbolt - Ride in the P-47 as it races up the boot of Italy bombing and strafing vital supply routes. Some of the most spectacular film of the war from the air. Color.

B-17 Flying Legend - DVD

During World War II, 12,731 B-17 Flying Fortresses were built, but today only 13 still fly. This documentary takes a look at those 13 craft and introduces you to the people who keep them in the air and the veterans who flew them in wartime. Includes contemporary footage, rare period film including sad looks at the B-17 scrap yard, and bonus features such as 200+ photos, the original Memphis Belle documentary, and more. 3 hrs. 31 min.

Hollywood Goes to War - DVD

This 4-DVD collection features 20 fascinating wartime "Why We Fight" propaganda films and documentaries - featuring stars such as Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart and Ronald Reagan - viewed by the American public during World War II!
You'll enjoy 1945's The True Glory, an Academy Award-winning documentary about the Allied victory on the Western Front; Frank Capra's 1943 Prelude to War, an Academy Award-winning documentary that demonstrates how the political mistakes made at the end of World War I eventually led to World War II; and many more titles, including: After Mein Kampf; Attack! The Battle for New Britain; The Battle of Britain; The Battle of China; The Battle of Russia; The Battle of San Pietro; Combat America; December 7th, 1941; Divide and Conquer; Marines on Tarawa - Return to Guam; The Memphis Belle; The Nazi Strike; Report from the Aleutians; The Stillwell Road; Submarine Warfare; This is the Army; Thunderbolt; and Tunisian Victory. B&W and color, 19 hrs. 8 min.

Warplanes of WWII - DVD

Memphis Belle and P-47 Thunderbolt.
This 2-DVD collection examines two of the most celebrated American warplanes of World War II: the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber and the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt fighter. You'll view director William Wyler's superb documentary of the Memphis Belle's last bombing run over Wilhelmshaven, Germany, in 1944, from takeoff to landing; a walk-around tour of a B-17; footage of a P-47 squadron in action; interviews with B-17 and P-47 veterans; and much more. Color and B&W, 2 hrs. 15 min.

WWII Air War Collection 6-DVD Set

Created from films preserved at the U.S. National Archives, this 6-DVD set is an invaluable cinematic recounting of American air power during World War II. With everything from historical newsreel footage to documentary featurettes, this set includes: The Rear Gunner, The Memphis Belle, Thunderbolt, Combat America, Expansion of Air Power, Air War in Europe, AAF Report, The Fight for the Sky, and more! Nearly 6 hours total.

Memphis Belle - DVD

The Remarkable Story of America's Invincible B-17.
This program tells the story of the Memphis Belle, the legendary B-17 Flying Fortress that became the first bomber to complete 25 combat missions over the flak- and fighter-filled skies of World War II Europe. Includes color footage shot by director William Wyler's crew on the Belle's final mission as well as other, never-before-seen footage of the USAAF in action over Europe between 1943 and 1945. Color and B&W, 1 hr. 44 min.


Here for More B-17 Flying Fortress Models


B-17 Crash Pictures from WW2 and Battle Story

B-17 Crash Pictures

B-17 Flyingfortress, John Story Jr. The Powerful Poodle

The Powerful Poodle, a B-17 Flying Fortress, the John Story Jr. Story

The Pistol Packin Mama B-17 and it's Crew

Pistol Packin Mama a B-17 Bomber and it's Crew


7-29-2012  A letter from Robert Shackles,

 I have been in touch just this week with Jim Losey a WW2 Air Force buddy who was a belly gunner on a B-17. Their mission was to destroy a German petro refinery and storage tanks deep inside Germany. There were eighteen B-17s in his squadron and they had no American fighter protection because our P-47s could not fly the distance because of limited fuel.
All eighteen B-17 were shot down by German anti-aircraft 88s or German fighters. Jim was the only member of his crew that got his parachute opened and he landed in a German farm field. Jim was hiding in a hay stack when a group of farmers with pitch forks captured him. Life in a German POW camp was miserable and he has shared many of his experiences with me. I know things his wife Chris doesn’t know because he doesn’t talk about them.
Happy Trails
Uncle Bob

Letters from Members of the 34th Fighter Squadron on Ie Shima.

A special letter from Robert Shackles, WW2 Veteran, at the bottom of this following page.

Robert Shackles talking about the B-29s and B-17s at the bottom of this following page.

December 7th 2010, Robert Shackles looking for the Bronze Star for a fellow soldier.

A True Story about WW2 Geckos, Friendly Lizards from Robert Shackles

Smoke Screens on Ie Shima cargo ships in WW2, by Robert Shackles

Robert Shackles talks about the Merchant Marines

WW2 Airplane Crashes on Okinawa by Bob Shackles

B-17 Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Heavy Bomber Historical information.

Engine:  Four Wright R-1820 Cyclone radials 1200 hp each.    Armament:  Thirteen 50 cal Browning machine guns and up to 17,600 lbs of bombs.  Speed 300 mph at 30,000 ft.    Range:   1850 miles with bomb load.   Empty Weight: 32,720 lbs.   Loaded Weight  55,000 lbs.  Wing Span:  103 ft. 9.25 in.  Length:  74 ft 4 in.   Height:  19 ft. 1 in.   Crew:  10

5-Jan_2009  I wanted to enter this in memory of my father, Kendall Richard Curry, who passed on May 25, 2008. He was a Flight Engineer on a B-17! Thank you! Brad Curry


Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
Super Find.
  Pilot's Manual for the B-17 Flying Fortress.
Fantastic Find, Real Pilots Flight Manual
A reprint of the official government handbook designed to show new cadets how to  fly the aircraft. Heavily illustrated with all the data. 109 pgs., 8½"x 11", sfbd.



Veterans Click Here 

Did you work on the B-17, Send me your story and pictures




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