Aerial Pictures of island of Ie Shima showing one of it's runways, Year 2000, Y2K. 

Beautiful green grass covers the ground in these pictures of the island of Ie Shima near Japan.  These pictures show one of the runway on the island.
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Aerial Photos taken on the island of
Ie Shima
In the Year 2000 


This is an aerial view of the runway on the Island of IE Shima.
Photo by 1st LT Andrew J. Lockett


Click Here you can see one of the runways on the island of Ie Shima.  I don't know when the first runways were made on the island, but there have been runways built by the Japanese before America entered into World War 2.  The people and the animals too are well accustomed to aircraft on the island for many generations.


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Hi Jeff;
I have really enjoyed your web page. You have a world of wonderful information on your web and you are to be highly complimented. I saw the WW2 aerial view of the Island of IeShima and there is something in this picture that interested me. On the right side of the picture there appears to be a huge white cloud although the picture indicates this view was taken during a clear day. Did you know that the Navy LSTs put a huge white smoke screen around the supply ships when ever radar warned us of an attack. I have seen this smoke drift towards IeShima so I am wondering if this is what I am seeing?  Could you enlighten me on this?
Also I can tell you when ground radar warned us of of a pending Japanese attack we most always were at GQ waiting for them. When they got close enough we could tell if the incoming Japanese planes we suicide attackers or Betty Bombers because the Betty's engines had a very distinct missing sound.

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Listing of Bomb Groups

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