Picture of Camouflage fabric covering Army tanks on the Pacific Island of Ie Shima.

A great picture of camouflage fabric covering the tanks and camouflage clothing on the men on Ie Shima. In this picture you can see how good the camouflage covers the tanks. If you took a aerial picture, you would have to look pretty closely to see these tanks.     
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Aerial Photos taken on the island of
Ie Shima
In the Year 2000    


A great picture of camouflage covering the tents
Picture by 1st LT Andrew J. Lockett


This is a great picture taken by 1st Lieutenant Andrew J. Lockett on the island of Ie Shima.  You can clearly see the trucks, but the tanks that are covered by the camouflage fabric look almost exactly like the trees in the background. Notice that the camouflage fabric is not uniform and it changes color as it moves toward the back of the picture.   If there was a way to cover the torn up ground you would have a very difficult time to tell if anything was ever here.  In World War 2, just prior to the D-Day Invasion on Europe, they used a different type of camouflage.  There they used blow up tanks that were blown up like a balloon or a doll that looked just like the real thing.  These tanks were placed in mass numbers in Northern England as a decoy.  When the German reconnaissance aircraft flew over and took pictures, they seen large masses of tanks building up and were convinced that there would be an invasion of Europe much farther than the Omaha beach where the D-Day invasion actually took place.  This is camouflage by diversion. 

Psychological warfare is also a type of camouflage.  It can be used to divert a persons or groups of people to an idea while the terrorist, that we see now, are really working in another area.  In this sense they are covering the true intent of their goals.  This is sort of the way that the, fake, blow up tanks worked in the D-Day invasion.


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