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    Convair B-36 Peacemaker

Great Military airplane models of the Convair B-36 Peacemaker bomber plus B-36 Peacemaker books,  videos and aviation art pictures.

The Peacemaker was the ultimate statement of U.S. air power at the beginning of the Cold War.  Its six - then ten - engines and huge fuselage made this plane a favorite  of its pilots, and continue to make the craft a favorite of enthusiasts today.  Through the use of historical photographs found on these pages, you'll see the history of this  magnificent airplane from its origin in 1941, to its final days in 1959 when it flew its last missions.

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The background photo on this page is of the clouds over northern Siberia and was taken on our
2002 North Pole Expedition. You can see more photos at the North Pole Photo Summary page.


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B-36 Books

  Convair B-36 Peacemaker Pilot's Flight Operating Instruction

The Convair B-36 Peacemaker - the largest piston-powered airplane ever mass produced and the world's first thermonuclear bomber - entered service in 1949 and flew as a strategic deterrent before being retired in 1959. Originally printed by the U.S. Air Force, this reformatted flight operating handbook - previously classified as "Restricted" - taught pilots everything they needed to know before entering the cockpit. 490 pages, B&W photographs and illustrations, 8"x 10", softcover.
  Convair B-36 Peacemaker

Softbound Book

A Photo Chronicle Jacobsen. Explores the history of the Strategic Air Command's  biggest bomber that helped keep the peace during the early years of the Cold  War. Through the use of historical photographs, you'll see the history of this  magnificent airplane from its origin in 1941, to its final days in 1959 when it flew  its last missions. A concise review of the Peacemaker with a serial number listing  and a list of all ten B-36 bomb wings. 64 pgs., 130 photos, 11"x 8?", sfbd. 


Magnesium Overcast

Hardbound Book

The Story of the Convair B-36. Jenkins. The Peacemaker was the ultimate statement of U.S. air power at the beginning of the Cold War. This book includes new and previously unpublished details about the B-36 and many never before published details, including extensive photographic coverage of the devastating 1952 tornado that severely damaged much of the fleet. A detailed serial number  list covers each airplane and its final disposition. 264 pgs., 505 B&W plus 53  color photos, 10"x 10", hdbd. 

  Convair B-36

Hardbound Book

A Comprehensive History of America?s "Big Stick" Jacobsen. Book gives the reader more information than has ever before been published on the B-36,  including the technical and historical aspects of the B-36's use in SAC, and first hand accounts from the men who serviced, flew and proudly served in SAC  under Curtis LeMay. There are also detailed sections on the B-36's  configurations, attrition, and survivors. 400 pgs., over 730 B&W and color photos, 9?"x 12", hdbd. 
  B-36 in Action
Softbound Book

Jacobsen & Wagner. Here is the development and service history of this Cold War bomber that kept the peace until the faster and more capable B-52 was  ready. Its six - then ten - engines and huge fuselage made this plane a favorite  of its pilots, and continue to make the craft a favorite of enthusiasts today. 50  pgs., 6 color profiles, approximately 100 B&W photos, 11"x 8?", sfbd. 


B-36 Videos
Men Of SAC (Strategic Air Command) And The B-36  Men Of SAC (Strategic Air Command) And The B-36

Product Description
DVD Video.  This video contains several films documenting the B-36. The first film shows the aircraft being put through an array of structural tests at Wright Patterson AFB. The second film is "unedited and silent" and shows B-36 crewmen preparing for a mission. Men and planes of our SAC on constant alert against any enemy. How they train to keep fit and ready for action. Most of the film is devoted to the importance of B-36 bomber. The final part of this video consists of 1950s era newsreels highlighting the B-36.    Price $29.95

Strategic Air Command [VHS]

Stars the legendary Jimmy Stewart as a lieutenant recalled to Air Force duty at  the height of the Cold War. Filmed in VistaVision, the spectacular aerial  sequences of B-36 bombers make this movie a standout. 1955, color.

From the Webmaster:  This video also covers the B-47 and B-36 with many fantastic shots of both aircraft in operation.  I'm very sorry that this movie isn't in a DVD format, the movie is really great.  The actor Jimmy Stuart was a real Air Force pilot and was operations officer of the 8th Air Force in WW2.  My friend, and I call him my second dad, Frank Simpson was the duty driver for General James Stuart, the same guy in the movie, David Niven, Robert Cummings and Glen Ford.  Frank told me that every one of these guys were absolutely great to work with, but since he was just an airman and they were top brass, he was afraid to talk to them.  C. Jeff Dyrek.


B-36 Aviation Art
  B-36 Peacemaker

Ken Fox.
Aviation Art

Detailed, black and white charcoal pencil lithograph shows the Cold  War, 10-engined behemoth in flight. This highly collectible print is 20"x 16"  including border with title. 
  The Peacekeeper

Stan Stokes.
Aviation Art

The huge B-36 intercontinental bomber is shown over the Grand Canyon. 16"x 11½" signed and numbered limited edition print.
  Six Turnin' and Four Burnin'

Mike Machat.
Aviation Art

A giant by almost every standard, the B-36 was an engineering and  manufacturing marvel: it's six P&W R4360 piston engines and four GE J-47 jet engines  gave the mammoth bomber the ability to fly at more than 43,000 feet with a top  speed of 418 mph. 34½"x 21" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the  artist and Convair test pilot Beryl Erickson.
  B-36 Peacemaker

San Diego 1952. 
Milton R. Kuhl, Jr. 

Capture a bygone era with this remarkable  photograph of B-36 number 44-92044 taken on February 22, 1952 in San Diego,  California. 28"x 19" poster.


Cold War Times Magazine



Please Note:  I took the photo of the clouds used in the background picture
while we were flying from a Northern Siberian city named Khatanga
on our way to the North Pole in April 2002.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster
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