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standing in front of an F-14 Tomcat
from VF-114 the Flying Aardvarks.

the Flying Aardvarks from VF-114
on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk, CV63 1977-1978.

F-14 Tomcat from vf-114 the flying aardvarks

vf114 is called the flying aardvarks, on this cruise, stationed on the uss kitty hawk

Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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Hope your day is going well. Your website is the best CV-63 and VF-114 site I have seen, but I am trying to get in touch with my shipmates from the 77-78 cruise. I was a plane captain for VF-114 and based at Miramar with the Aardvarks. Any suggestions on sites or resources to find some old buddies.
Mark Platt
AD-3 VF-114
Mark Platt <Send a Letter to Mark Platt>
10 June 2008

 Hi Jeff, I found your web site by chance. I was a plane captain on the '77-'78 westpac. . I served with Gary Guevin, Steve Lanius, Tom Demers, Randy Helea, Mike Noonan, Tom Johnson and many others. I made 3rd Class on that cruise. Tell me about yourself as I can't remember you and I do not remember your face from the picture. Maybe I have Alzheimer's. We had a great crew and we all got along great. I think of the guys alot and pray for them often.
Kevin McGuire
Mpls. MN
I beg to differ with you about the first deployment of the F-14 Tomcat, but it was most definitely NOT the 77-78 Kitty Hawk cruise. I was on the cruise that had the first deployment of F-14s. It was the 1974-75 deployment of the USS Enterprise, CV(N)-65, and the Tomcat squadrons that deployed on the Big "E" were VF-1 and VF-2. I was an AT with the Rooks of VAQ-137 on that cruise.  

The 1974-75 cruise was most notable for its end... the evacuation of Saigon, A.K.A. Operation Frequent Wind. We were tasked with flying air cover for the evacuation on Saigon, so I would assume that the F-14 flew its first combat missions at that time.

This is not to diminish anything about the USS Kitty Hawk, however. I served on her on the 1981 cruise, this time with the Black Ravens of VAQ-135. I was assigned to AIMD, working in the VANS... the trailers hung from the overhead in the forward section of hangar bay 1 that housed the test benches for the ECM gear of the EA-6B. It was nice work, as the test benches required to be kept at about 65º F. This meant that the trailers were at a comfortable temperature for wearing shirt-sleeves at all times (in fact, some times we had to wear our working jackets, even as the guys on the flight deck were soaked with sweat!)

I also was a DJ on KHWK-FM, the ship's radio station. I covered the "AM Drive" time slot from 7-10 AM with the "Dawn Treader" show, a top 40 and oldies mix. It was my first experience on radio, but not my last, for sure! 

Otherwise, the website, what I've seen of it, is great. I'm going to bookmark it and wander through it at my leisure. Thank you for all your work.

   Ed Senior
   Former AT-1

That's right, this plane is not only called a F-14 Tomcat, it is also called an Aardvark. Aardvark refers to the squadron name which in this case is VF-114.  The F-14 behind this F-14 Aardvark is one from the squadron VF-213, they were called the Black Lions.   As you continue looking at this site you will see a good photo of the Aardvark painted on the tail. 

The 1977-1978 deployment of the USS Kitty Hawk hosted the first West-Pac deployment of the F-14's. We were very lucky to have these fine planes on our ship. They were very powerful and a thrill to watch. Error Corrections Thanks to Kevin W. Graham

Hi Jeff,
Looking at your pictures brought back alot of memories. I was there, on that flight deck. I worked in the Line Div. as a Plane Captain. Matter of fact I remember I made 3rd class PO on that West Pac cruise. I remember all the press and hubbub in Japan, when we arrived with the first F14's they'd ever seen. Anyway the pictures are great. That cruise is approaching its 25th anniversary this December right? Heard from any of the other guys from that cruise? Anyway thanks again for your website.
Gary Guevin (formally AMH3 Guevin)

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Manufacturer Grumman
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Area 565 sq. ft.
Empty Weight 40,100 lbs.
Max. Weight 74,4350 lbs.
Engines 2
Power plant Pratt & Whitney TF30
Thrust 41,800 lbs. Both engines on AB
Max. Speed 1,345 kts 1,545 mph

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