LDCR Mike Purcell and his family next to a RC F-4 Phantom from VF-114 the Flying Aardvarks

LCDR Mike Purcell

and his Family with their

VF-114 RC F-4 Phantom Flying Model

VF-114 The Flying Aardvarks


RC  F-4 Phantom from VF-114 built by LCDR Mike Purcell

vf114 is called the flying aardvarks, on this cruise, stationed on the uss kitty hawk

Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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Sir, great website with lots of cool info. I was researching the Vigilante and saw the Aardvarks Phantom in the corner.   I thought you might enjoy a picture of my Remote controlled version of the VF-114 F-4 Phantom. Kit is made by Yellow Aircraft and is a 1/10th scale F-4E. I had to paint it in Navy colors (I’m a Navy man myself.)  All the markings are airbrushed on, including the Aardvark. Only decals are the Stars and Bars and some ejection info triangles. It has a single ducted fan engine that moves my “toom” around the sky at 150 MPH, lands at 25 kts. I can also drop a centerline tank for show. She does all the maneuvers including spins and inverted flight and just looks so cool on a low flyby. I joined the Navy to fly this famous aircraft but was too late as they phased it out during college. So I opted for P-3C Orion.

LCDR Mike Purcell
Chesapeake VA

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F-14 Tomcat Balsa Wood Kit
 This unique balsa and tissue kit offers an interesting alternative for jet fighter kit building. Built as a "skeleton" model, it makes an impressive display piece. Tissue covered and decorated with decal insignia, it is an eye-catching replica of its  namesake. 1/40 scale kit has a 19" wingspan when completed. Assembly required.

 F-14A Tomcat 1/48 Kit
 The Navy's most powerful fighter has been flying from the decks of the fleet for over 20 years. This plastic kit features an F-14 upgraded to A-plus specs with Phoenix missiles, an extended crew ladder, and authentic fleet markings. Skill level 2, 155 pieces and approx. 14" in length.

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