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Ryan PT-22 Antique Aircraft Picture

This the Ryan PT-22 owned by Dan Collier.

Dan Collier lands his Ryan PT-22 plane on the runway


A Ryan PT-22 from Dan Collier. Great photos and pictures.


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Beautiful Ryan PT-22 Antique Aircraft Pictures.

Owned by Dan Colier






Dan Collier takes off to show us the tour of the PT-22 Aircraft

Photo from Dan Collier

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My Ryan PT-22 is presently being stored in California in my hangar, and  I am presently on Guam, but I have a photo of it stored on my hotmail account. So I will send you the photo shortly. I have tried to get the  plane restored to as close to original as I could, and I'm sorry I don't  have a photo of the panels right now, but both panels are original configuration, as called for from the parts list and from the photos I've  seen in the training manual.  One of the hardest things to come up with was the original compass, as they used a bubble-faced compass, and not the standard B-16's like you see in most Ryan's today. And I had to remake the whole rear instrument panel, as it had extra holes cut in it for more  instruments over the years.  Working in a professional sheet metal shop made this a fairly easy task.  I just found an original seat belt for it. The belt is in very nice shape and has all the military inspection stamps and a date stamped '43. The slack-takeup hardware on the WWII belts was different from the postwar belts, and they were more of an olive-kaki color.   Really looking forward to installing it in the plane when I get back home. I have a second belt at  home, so finally I have a matching set. It's little things like that that make a difference in a restoration, I think.  A photo of my Ryan will follow, and thank you for your pleasant response.  Regards, Dan Collier 

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