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These are very interesting books covering all kinds of Warbirds from the WW2 Prop Fighter to the Military Jets of early days.  We have all kinds of flight manuals and are adding more often.  If you are a airplane model builder, these flight manuals will be a great addition to your collection.

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  Pilot's Handbook for Navy F4U
A reprint of the official pilot's manual for the later-model Corsairs. Large and  detailed with all the photos and diagrams, you'll be ready for flight training after  reading this! 112 pgs., 8½"x 11", sfbd.
  Flight Manual for Navy F-4J
NATOPS Flight Manual Navy Model F-4J Aircraft The real thing! Reprint of the  actual NATOPS flight manual for the F-4J Phantom II U.S. Navy fighter aircraft.  Operational aspects covered are: flight characteristics, emergency procedures, all-weather operations, communications procedures, reconnaissance systems,  flight crew coordination, NATOPS evaluation, and performance data. 544 pgs.,  diagrams, charts, illustrations., appendices, index. 8½"x 11", sfbd.
  Pilot's Manual for F4U Corsair
Reprint of official government issue Pilot Manual for early model F4U Corsairs.  Covers: Description, Flight Operating Instructions, Emergency Instructions, Equipment, Performance Charts. Many photos and diagrams. 68 pgs., 8"x 11", sfbd.
  Pilot's Handbook Grumn Wildcat
Reprint of official government issue Pilot’s Handbook with a 20 page forward on  the Development and Genealogy of the Wildcat. Handbook covers: Aircraft Description, Pilot’s Operating Instructions, Emergency Instructions, Equipment,  Operating Charts, Tables, Curves and System Diagrams, etc. Over 100 photos and drawings. 85 pgs., 8½"x 11", sfbd
  Grumman F6F Hellcat Manual
Pilot’s Flight Operating Instructions Reprint of the Navy manual on flying the  F6F. Includes descriptions of the plane and its systems as well as operating  instructions. Caution: This publication shall not be carried in aircraft on combat  missions or when there is a reasonable chance of its falling into the hands of the enemy! 60 pgs., heavily illustrated with photos, charts and diagrams. 8½"x 11".
  Flight Book for F9F-6 Aircraft
Flight Handbook for Navy Models F9F-6, -6P Aircraft A reprint of the official  government handbook. All the data on the systems is here, including  performance characteristics of the aircraft and lots of "how-to's for the new  naval jet pilot. 170 pgs., dozens of photos, diagrams, cutaways, assembly drawings, and more. 8½"x 11", sfbd.
Flight Book for F9F-6 Aircraft
  Beech AT-10 Pilot's Info Man.
An exact copy of the government manual includes all pre-flight, in-flight and after landing checklists, plus emergency operations. Also fuel system, rigging and loading diagrams. If you trained in one of these, this will bring it all back to  mind. 16 pgs., 8½"x 11", spiral bound.
  Taylorcraft BC12D Service
Reprint of the original service manual for this two place, side-by-side, high wing,  strut-braced monoplane. Includes the original drawings and tables. 39 pgs.,  8½"x 11", spiral bound. .....#0002104
  Training Man. for Vultee BT-13
A reprint of the official USAF issue pilot’s flight handbook. Covers: plane description and systems, flight operations and emergency procedures, check-lists, flight data, charts, etc. Photos and diagrams, 56 pgs., 8½"x 11", sfbd.
Training Man. for Vultee BT-13
  Pilot's Man. B-17 Flying Fortress.
A reprint of the official government handbook designed to show new cadets how  to fly the aircraft. Heavily illustrated with all the data. 109 pgs., 8½"x 11", sfbd.
  Pilot Training Manual PT-19
This is a reprint of the official 1943 government handbook designed to show the  new cadet how to fly the aircraft. Includes aircraft description, flight operating  instructions, and flight operating data. All the controls, flight characteristics, diagrams and photos are here. 38 pgs., 8½" x 11", spiral bound.
  Flight Manual B-24 Liberator
A reprint of the official government handbook designed to show the new cadet  how to fly the aircraft. Heavily illustrated with dozens of photos, diagrams and  charts. 146 pgs., 8½"x 11", sfbd.
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  Pilot's Manual B-25 Mitchell
Reprint of official government issue pilot’s handbook for models B-25C and D with  a 25 page forward on the history and modifications to the B-25. Handbook  covers general description, pilot’s operating instructions, flight operations data,  navigator’s radio, gun turret, bomb bay compart-ments, etc. System diagrams,  interior photos and operational tables. 141 illustrations, 109 pgs. 8½"x 11", sfbd.


Positive Flying
Hardbound Book
Taylor & Guinther. For the first time in print, the actual numbers: a disciplined method for making an airplane do precisely what you want it to do. Cockpit procedures “by the numbers” for 27 of the most popular light aircraft. Details techniques for approaches, patterns, go-arounds, short and soft field landings with tables and worksheets. This book will help you no matter which small plane you fly... those listed, or even a Sopwith Camel. 229 pgs., hdbd.
  Pilot's Manual B-26 Marauder
A reprint of the official government issue "Pilots Flight Operating Instructions" for the B-26F and B-26G models. Covers aircraft systems, operations and performance data, equipment and flight operating charts, tables, curves and  diagrams. 72 pgs., 8½"x 11", softcover.


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