Melting Sea Ice, Global Climate Change 

North Pole Sea Ice Melting is also Causing Methane Hydrate to Melt.


The rate of North Pole sea ice melting has far exceeded the most advanced climate change and global warming models.  We must act now, right now, or even the cockroaches will not make it alive.

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"Sometimes it takes a crisis to awaken us from our slumber.  But once aroused, the American people can accomplish miracles" - T. Boone Pickens

With the Tundra Melting, The North Pole Sea Ice Melting, and Methane Hydrate Melting, We Must Act Now.

What's happening to our planet?  We are seeing the North Pole and South Pole sea ice melt at a much more accelerated rate than ever expected.  In 2007 we have lost over three million sq kilometers of North Pole Sea Ice that has never recovered.  The worlds glaciers are melting at an ever increasing rate.  The Arctic tundra, which used to melt to about three feet below the surface, is no melting to thirty feet below the earth's surface.  This tundra is undigested flora which is now being eaten up by bacteria and giving off Methane Gas.  Methane gas has been rated from ten times to twenty five times more effective as trapping heat into our atmosphere as carbon dioxide. 

But there's another problem.  It's a frozen form of Methane called Methane Hydrate which is found on the sea floor of the Arctic Ocean and off the coast of Norway.  With the sea ice gone, the reflectivity of the Arctic Ocean Region has gone from 90% to 10% which means that the Arctic Ocean is absorbing 90% of the heat.  Now this methane hydrate is also melting placing billions of tons of Methane into the atmosphere.

This is all bad news.  Arctic ocean shores are also losing about thirty meters of shoreline ever year for the past several years increasing the size of the Arctic ocean and absorbing even more heat from the sun and raising the temperatures of the Arctic Ocean increasing the methane release amounts.  We must act now, not tomorrow, not by reducing the CO2 production and burning of carbon fuels, but by immediately using solar, wind, hydro, sea current and wave energy.  We need to stop the wars, now, and fight the war to save our planet.  This is very serious.  Watch the video below and visit the web page.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.  7-21-2008

I wrote a comment on the Farting Ice video and it turns out that the guy just took videos from a documentary that he watched.  But they were good and showed the ice lakes burning.  I quoted where the Bible says that the earth will be consumed by fire.  He responded that the Bible also states that the earth is only seven thousand years old, but life will survive.  What was going through my mind was what is the cockroaches name that lives next to him.  Ha Ha.. 
It seems like I don't write enough, but my article section seems to have a daily article.  It feels like I've been writing about one every several days.  In all of these I am realizing that the methane problem is way worse than any TV program or even the most aggressive scientist are predicting.  I knew about Methane Hydrate off the coast of Norway for some time, but I didn't realize that it was super abundant under the polar ice. 
When I rode to Trosmo with the Norwegian Secretary of State, he was studying the Barents sea and also the effects of climate change on the submerged Methane Hydrate.  Just the methane hydrate off of the coast of Norway is enough to destroy life as w4e know it.
All of this talk about alternative fuels, still being carbon based is just a waste of time.  A program on BBC TV today talked about Ethiopia and the super human tragedy that happening there because of the of rice climbing three hundred and sixty percent.  It's our gas guzzlers that are causing the problem. 
However we look at it, it's the worlds population that is the real problem.  Unless we do something to reverse the growth, we don't have a chance.  I'm sure that I'm spelling his name incorrectly, but the former President of Singapore, Le Quan Yue, talked about this in depth over twenty years ago and he put steps in action to curb the population growth in a very positive way.  I discussed this with my Anthropology Professor and he didn't realize the actions that were being taken in Singapore, even though the Philippines and South East Asia was one of his major areas of study.
Le Quan Yue put taxes on having babies based on the education level of the parents.  Non high school graduates were heavily taxed on any more than one kid, where college grads were given tax advantages.  This had the effect of raising the educational level of the general population and reducing the population overall since the higher educated citizens had less children on a regular basis.
But this policy is not the immediate fix to the problem that we are seeing now. However we need to use the Racers Edge in every way.  The white roofs, white roads, tree planting projects, and all wind, solar, wave and other energy sources that don't use carbon burning.
But the question always is, what can I do about it, I'm just one guy.  Can anyone help me with this question?

I've already painted my roof white.  I have four acres of trees, I drive a whole lot less, but that's not enough. What can we as citizens do?  Let me know your ideas at the bottom of this page.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster 7-24-2008





Listen to this man for the answer on
what is the right course to use on global warming.

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