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Global Warming - World Wide Loss of Sea Ice - Videos

Global Warming is Causing a World Wide Loss in Sea Ice, Look at these Videos of the Polar Ice Loss on the North Pole.

With Global Warming do you think that it is just going to be
a change in the weather, and sea level rise.  Absolutely not,
the most immediate risk is a Global Food Shortage and
You Must Be Prepared.
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Latest YouTube video Look at this Arctic Ice Video between 2002 and 2007
The ice loss is way ahead of the most advanced climate change models.


A very important Ice loss Video, Be sure to watch this one


Here's another Video that is a Must Watch.  These three videos are about five minutes and this is five minutes that will change your ideas on Climate Change.  It is affecting us right now and we need to act yesterday.  Stop the war, it will stop a big share of Carbon and other deadly emissions.  Look at this link Magnetic Motors  You will see the truth for yourself and you will quickly know that Oil and Gas are a thing of the past, but the government and big industry do not want you to see this, because they can't make money from YOU.  The technology is there, if we act right now, and I mean Right Now, we can win.  Maybe! C. Jeff Dyrek, North Pole Expedition Guide and North Pole Expedition Leader.







Title: greenhouse environmental management
Description: the green house provides businesses with tailored waste
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Watch this video and see what Methane and the decay of the Arctic Tundra can do.
Global Warming from Permafrost Melt.  This is great.


Read the Webmasters Story, "Why God Sent Me to the North Pole." You will Be Surprised.


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