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A letter from a man in the Philippines

Why do people kill other people at Wal-Mart just for a Game?

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Hi Jeff,
Meaning you are now busy in your research. But anyway, that's a good work because you don't feel boredom, you keep yourself busy. About me here, I am also busy in my training, it is purely physical activities. But at least I learned new knowledge in pork production under American system. If I could find another job, I want to work to agency helping other people by giving relief goods like RED CROSS, at least I help other people in need.  If I die, I want to be remembered by other people because of my good deeds.
Okey I will visit your website so that I can read your books.
You mentioned that you have girlfriend in the Philippines. How old is she now? Just in case you met again, she might have a husband and also have kids, and you too have also wife and kids. So, you are no longer be a lovers again because both of you have own family.
Let me go back to Thanksgiving. I have interesting story to tell you. Did you hear the news that after Thanksgiving, the following day is Black Friday, there was employee of Wal-Mart in New York City was dead because of the violent reaction of their customers? The said employee was trampled by their customers, resulting to his death. When hearing this news, I don't really imagine the behavior of Americans.

They yelled to the wal-mart employees because they were not permitted to shop because they have been informed that it's already time to close the store, but still the customers forced themselves to get inside to shop. One customer said that they want to continue shopping because all of the items are pretty cheap. My question to you Jeff is like this. In spite of how wealthy Americans are, why they are still so much value the material things? I know that you have lots of money, why they are still longing much more? You can buy that anytime of the day if you want because Americans have lots of money.  It seems like they don't care their character if it is destroyed or not so long as they can get the material they want. To kill a man for such a thing is not a good work! Acquiring of wealth or material thing is not bad, don't get me wrong. It is good. But the question is how you acquire it. Is it in a wrong way or in a good way? And it doesn't mean that if you are already wealthy, you don't respect other people. You have to respect others because all your blessings are from God.
Dear Antonio,
Thank you always for your letter.
First I will tell you about my girlfriend and me. I have never been married and I have no kids. I met Tessie one day when a friend took me to her house in Olongapo City. This was the first house that I have ever been into in another country. A girl, Flora, walked into the room and looked right at me and never stopped looking. Her mouth dropped open and she sat down and kept staring at me. Then Tessie walked into the room and did the exact same thing. Both girls just sat with their mouths open and stared at me. I thought that this was very strange, like I looked funny or something. Then Tessie's mom, Carmin, walked into the room and did the exact same thing. No one said a word, they just all stared at me.
Finally, I asked what was wrong. Did I look strange or do something wrong. Then Flora said that I looked exactly like Tessie's fianc. Ok, I could understand why they would look at me. Then Carmin asked me if I wanted to see his picture. Of course I said. She brought me the picture and it was a dead man laying in a coffin.
What happened was that the night before Tessie and her fianc were to be married, he had a big party with his friends. They all took some kind of drugs and then got drunk. Her fianc died from an overdose of drugs. Tessie was pregnant, but didn't look like it at that time. Her and I became very good friends. I was a friend of her whole family and we would go places and go sailing and just do things together. Tessie was my friend and her friend, also named Tessie, was my girlfriend, or lover as you would say. My girlfriend wanted to marry an American for the money and when I was out to sea, she would go out with other guys. I would never marry a girl that was seeing me for money. At that time I made 270 per month plus 50 per month for sea duty pay. That's not a lot of money.
But Tessie and her family were always my friends and I miss her very much and I actually fell in love with her. I had serious injuries, internally, from an accident that I had a year before and there were problems that I didn't know that I had. I had to sleep too much and I couldn't keep up with life like other people could. I knew something was wrong, but the doctors would spend fifteen seconds with me and then give me drugs for problems that never existed. It is easy to just give a person drugs and tell them to leave, then the arrogant doctor could say that he did his job and a good job because he saw a lot of patients that day.
But, back to Tessie. I soon realized that she was pregnant and I knew that my commanding officer would not allow me to marry her since it was not my child. But we were never meant to be married anyway, we were just good friends and our relationship was not a sex based relationship. I think of her often and her little girl, Christina, is almost like my little girl.
Just last night I talked to my other girlfriend, Yuliya, who lives in Northern Siberia. I never had sex with her, but I did kiss her once. She has been my girlfriend since 2002 when I was doing a research project through Siberia, going to the North Pole.
I live in a garage right now. I have no money to speak of. I still don't have the heat turned on because it cost too much to heat my little room, so I wear a heavy coat and pretend that I'm practicing my survival techniques. My car is 23 years old, but still looks like new. I was once told that whatever is given to you, is given to by God. What ever is taken away from you, is taken away from the Devil. So if God walked up to me and gave me a car, would I take care of it. You bet, my car looks almost like new even today. If I let turn into rust, the devil is taking it away.
This leads right into the money thing and the Americans, but I will talk about other things a little first.
A Japanese lady who has been my friend for over twenty five years now told me some wise things. She said that a fortune is made in one generation because a man would work super hard and save to make this fortune. The children of this man see how hard their father worked and, being the second generation, would maintain the fortune. The children of the third generation never had to work, everything was rich and free to them anytime they asked. They never experienced the efforts that their grandfather and parents had to do to make and maintain the great fortune, so they just spend everything like there is no end and they lose the fortune.
We are seeing this in the United States now. Money is more important than anything, even life or the soul. Watch TV here and you will see that the rich are making movies that are teaching sex, violence, cheating, adultery, and everything that has no value. The devil is using the money for this reason and he is using the TV.
I've studied psychological warfare for many years and I have looked at how people lived and acted in other countries. When I went to Singapore I looked at a super big grand building and a still grand, but a smaller and less expensive building next door. I thought that the big building was the Singapore Parliament building, but instead, it was the U.S. Embassy and the smaller building next door was the Singapore Parliament building.
To me this was an insult to the people in Singapore. It was saying that we are better and richer than you and we want you to know it. When I went to the Philippines the American Navy Base was super beautiful and much better maintained than any American base in the United States. Everything on the base was perfect with fantastic flowers and gardens everywhere. When we went to the movie theater, they played the pictures of the man landing on the moon for ten minutes before the movie was played. At this movie, Tessie said that the Americans are so smart. This was all psychological warfare by the Americans against these other countries.
When a Philippino came from Olongapo City to the Navy Base, (Please excuse my language) they had to cross "Shit River." The city of Olongapo had no pollution controls and dumped raw sewage right into the river that served as the boundary around the base. The city of Olongapo was very poor and the Americans were all there giving their dollars for sex with the Philippna women. I'm sorry, it makes me feel so sad and terrible that I'm an American.
Once on the base everything was super rich. As I have said there were beautiful flowers everywhere, the roads were perfect, everything was better than real and much richer appearing than what you see here. I don't know if you have ever been to Olongapo City or not, but it was the same in Angeles City and even in Manila.
On the base I took sailboat lessons. My instructor was named Claire Day. He was the best sailboat sailor that I have ever seen even to this day. He was the manager of the recreational pier boat club and he made ten pesos a day. Back then it was seven pesos to the dollar. The commander of the pier said that he was making too much money and that he had to have a pay reduction, so Claire quit. I knew Claire from another man and I brought Claire onto the base to teach me how to sail the boat.
One day Tessie and her brother, Ramone, went sailing with me. I looked at the charts at the pier before we went sailing and planned our route around Subic Bay. But the commander didn't do his job and he didn't update the charts to show that parts of the bay were off limits because of mine sweeping operations in the area.
The three of us went sailing and we were right in the mine sweeping area when a helicopter flew over pulling a long cable and a hydrofoil mine sweeper. I waived at the pilot and he waived back. The winds were easy that day so I was letting Tessie sail the boat. Suddenly the wind from the helicopter blades hit us. The wind was about 100 mph and it blew us over. Tessie was so scared that she didn't know what to do and I had to grab the controls so that we didn't sink the boat.
When I got the boat upright, the mainstay cable broke and the mast and boom went right into the water. Now we were in an emergency situation. We had to be rescued and that is a long story. When we got back to the recreational pier, the commander wanted me to pay 1000 for breaking the mast. When I inspected everything, the only thing that was broken was the bolt that held the mainstay cable to the boat and nothing was damaged. The commander was making money by placing a grade three bolt where a grade eight pin was required.
Do you see what I am getting at. The commander was making money on a regular basis because he was cheating the sailors that he out ranked and by making threats to them. I didn't care what rank an officer was, when he was wrong, he was wrong. He was a thief.
One day I was on Shore Patrol Duty making me a police officer. I had to go the San Megita Club on the base. I was sitting there and noticed that the girls were exceptionally beautiful. There were a lot of girls working in that club. When I asked one girl why all of the girls there were so beautiful, more so than the clubs in Olongapo, she told me that the commander had to hand pick them. He did this by having sex with every girl before he would hire them, and then he would decide if they would work or not. Money was the driving force for these girls to give up their soul for the job. The commander was dishonest.
Back to the psychological warfare. Did you ever see a commercial on TV here or anywhere. They are doing everything they can to convince you that their product is the best and that you wanted it. When you go to a music concert, the girls strip off their clothes to be with the singer. The TV here is filthy, sexy and everything bad and it says that anyone who is smart is a nerd. These advertisers and the TV producers are using psychological warfare to say that we want sex, foul language and anything that the devil wants us to think. They do this because of peoples natural attraction to the beautiful and horrid.
By this I mean if you are driving down the street and see a beautiful girl, do you look. Yes, even the preachers do. This is the natural attraction that keeps the species alive. If you are driving down the street and see a real bad car wreck would you look. Yes, we have a natural attraction to the horrible things too. These attractions are so strong and the movie producers know and use these things to attract huge crowds, publicity and money. Did you ever see a good murder movie. How could there ever be a good murder movie. How about a sexy movie that had no plot just sex, how could this be entertaining. It's really not. There is really no good in murder or watching others do sinful acts. Yet an article that I just read about said that 60% of all of the money made with the media is made on internet porn. The article said that this is more money than Hollywood and TV and all of the ball games combined. These guys will kill you and me for this money.
Look at the war in Iraq. Is it there to fight terrorism. Buy a video called Zietgiest from and you will see that the World Trade Center bombing was made right here in the United States. We did it to ourselves so we can convince the world that we have the right to go Iraq to steal all of their money and oil. Even our inspector that was over there said that there were no weapons of mass destruction, so he was fired. This is true. I remember the very day of 911 and just moments after the airplanes struck the towers, there were explosions at much lower levels on the twin towers, how did this happen. We did it for the psychological warfare effects on the dumb American population so we can justify a war.
So America went to war with "Shock and Awe." We killed a million innocent civilians in Iraq, we destroyed their infrastructure, their homes, their roads, bridges and families. They have nothing. Now we are attacking Afghanistan and now making attacks into Syria and Pakistan, bringing them into the war. All of the time, the oil and weapons manufacturers are making record profits. But the truth is that the Americans are the Terrorist. We are in their country killing and robbing them and raping their women, and both President Clinton and Bush said that they need our morals. What morals. We are the terrorist, our TV are filthy, men are marrying men and women, women. Look at the top 100 celebrities on the internet. The very first picture that you would see would be our super stars with no underwear on and their legs spread. It's true.
What about the games for sale at Wal Mart. Our people had psychological warfare placed on them for so long that their brains are warped. They think that owning a game, right now, is more important than anything. But look at these games. Look at Grand Theft Auto. Grand Theft Auto teaches the kids to "Grab a Gun, Steal a Car, and Kill a Cop." Why is this so important to put into our kids minds, yet no political candidate ever spoke to our country about it. It's because our lawyers are making money every time there is a crime. And the lawyers charge a huge amount.
I work with prisoners on a regular basis. I took an oath to fight all enemies, both Foreign and Domestic. I am now a Social Soldier and that's why I always wear my Navy Hat. In the United States we have 5% of the worlds population, and we have 25% of the worlds prisoners. Crime pays. Security companies make money, Jails make money, Judges make money, Lawyers make money, it's all about money, not truth and justice.
There are two criminals that I know. One has never worked a day in his life. His family is super rich. One day he went to his ex girlfriends house and she was there with her new boyfriend. This man broke down her door, bit part of the mans ear off, bit parts of his body off and was going to break his neck when a police officer put a gun to his head. When the criminal went to court he told the judge to "Suck his Dick" Yet, his mom paid the lawyer 160,000 and the criminal spent three months in jail for home invasion and wanton endangerment.
A seventeen year boy that I have worked with, went into his uncles unlocked house and stole a jar of change. He got a year in Prison. His family had no money for a no good lawyer, a professional liar, to get him out. Is there justice. No way.
Superman, who was just on TV, said Truth, Justice and the American way. There is no truth or justice, but this is the American way.
Do you see what I am talking about and why killing a man for a game was a normal thing.
In Chicago alone there were more than 400 murders just this year. In Iraq there were about 270 soldiers killed. It's more dangerous to go to Chicago, the city that I'm from and a place that we never locked the doors forty five years ago when I lived there. Now you need double locks on the doors and bars on the windows. And the lock companies and window bar companies make money.
As a last thought, Look at the elections in America. There were hundreds of millions of dollars spent on campaigns. But did Bob Barr or Ralph Nader or the Black Lady, all presidential candidates come to the debates. No, absolutely not. This happened in President Clinton's second election. He did not allow Ross Perot or Ralph Nader to come to the elections. They were not allowed. They were not even allowed to buy advertisement on the media. A great man once said, control the media and you control the people. But if we have a true democracy, all candidates would draw from a presidential fund, equally. All candidates would have equal time on the media. The election would be based purely on the candidates merit and not his ability to get money from special interest groups.
On President Clinton's second election, he said, " This is our Debate, not theirs." No, it's our debate, the people of the United States not the Politicians debate. This is the day that the Politicians took over the American Government and made a Mafia Run Dictatorship. But because of psychological warfare, the people think that they voted for the president. It's not true.
Sorry for such a long letter, but you had to see the truth and the answer to your question, I hope that I have answered it. But, when I talk to WW2 Veterans and they tell me all about their war experience, they all start to cry. But what did they fight for. They fought so the rich can become richer and filthier and so the devil can take the final parts of the world, and it's happening.
I hope that I didn't make you mad at me, but I hope that I made you mad at the truth of America and that you will understand so many of the soldiers that are coming home and saying that it is wrong for us to continue the war that was built on lies.
Sorry that I had to tell the truth, the Lord is coming soon and these things are all part of what has been written into the Bible and I'm telling you the truth.
Your friend,

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Today I went to Wal-Mart in Peoria.  I always wear my USS Kitty Hawk Hat.  I was standing in the Sub Way Shop and a young lady came up to me and gave me a small slip of paper that was folded up and said, "This is for you."  I was thinking what is this all about, this is very strange.  When I opened the note here's what it said.

I just wanted to thank you for your service to our country, Forever Grateful, Amiee.

Thank you very much Amiee.  You have made my day.  I'm a disabled vet and have been going through some real bad times and you picked up my whole day.  Thank you again, C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

P.S.  I am sure that this note was not just for me, but for all service men and women who have worked so hard to keep our freedoms and to keep our country a favorite place to live.


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