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 More Sex and Porn on Basic Satellite   



Please send this page to all of your friends, they need to know about this.  Write for them to send it to all the people that they can.  We have so many problems in the world that if we don't take action, Right Now, we won't have a country or have a world.

Why did you fight in the war, so our freedom of speech is only freedom for those who are making money destroying our country? 

That's what happened.  The country is no longer run by the people, it's run by the people with money who want to make more money and who don't care about you in any way, except for the fact that you are giving them money.  Isn't that the truth?

Those are some very interesting cartoons that you sent, it's too bad they are so true.  This Saturday morning, I turned on the TV and was waiting for a movie by Fred MacMurray to come on.  The program that I watched for ten minutes before the Fred MacMurray movie of was called, "Sex and the Single Mom." This is what's on Saturday morning TV that any little kid can watch or adults too.  So I watched the last ten minutes of it.  The mom was in the house and her 18 year old daughter came home kind of late.  The mom said "where were you, were you at that photographers house."  The daughter replied that photographer had a girlfriend and just wanted to take pictures of her.  A few minutes later a man came to the door, it was the mom's ex-boyfriend and he came into the house and started talking to the mom.
Meanwhile the phone rang and the photographer guy called the daughter and said, "Come here" and hang up.  The daughter ran out of the house and went to see him.
Back to the mom and her ex-boyfriend.  The mom said that she hadn't seen him in three years and that she is madly in love and is getting married to another man.  The man said I love you and grabbed her and started kissing her, then started pulling her clothes off.
The picture switched to the daughter at the photographers house and he pulled her clothes off too and then laid on top of her and started kissing her on the neck, then said "how do you want it."  She replied "in every way."
Back to the mom's house, they were naked laying in bed and just finished messing around.  She said that that was not love, it was sex and she is in love with the other man.  Then she said, but I needed that sex anyway.
Why am I writing this to you.  it's a porn movie right on TV on Saturday Morning on Basic Satellite.  Our families are being attacked by domestic terrorist which are Domestic Enemies, and our TV is pushing it.  This goes on day and night.  If you don't watch these kind of programs and still surf the TV guide, you keep seeing Sex in the City, Sex and the Single Mom, Gay lovers in Great Brittan, Transsexual Love, Naked Science, the Naked Archeologist and then there the Playboy channels and Penthouse channels with their descriptions that the kids all look at every single day.  The news says the schools aren't doing enough, yet a kid will spend all day, everyday, watching TV and will fight and do anything they can, not to do their homework.  TV is our teacher.  Our top 100 Celebrities are the top 100 porn stars.  The kids go wild to try to see them and listen to their music, headbanging, they call it, and the music is nothing but Sex, Drugs, Hate and Demonism. 
Every time I check my email, there are tons of ads about porn, many of them have a totally different subject and when I open them, it's a porn ad.  So I have to go through a bunch of porn ads just to get at your emails.  But kids are getting these ads too, everyday and in every media way possible.  But I don't ever see Obama or McCain talking about this attack on our country.  It's a direct and deliberate attack of domestic terrorism on our families.  But think about this, when did you get to vote on this subject?  When?  Never!  Because this is not a democracy.  It is like the Capitol Hill Club, you must have 500 to a 1000 dollars donation to get into the club.  In other words, only money buys an audience with a congressman, or senator or whatever.  It's true.  This is not a democracy, it's a country that has been infiltrated with corruption and the lust for money.
We do not have a voice.
I'm sorry to talk like this, but I have to say the truth.  We have already lost our country, Lawyers run our lives, and there's nothing that we can do about it, because talking against the hate and filth, is now a Hate Crime.  But we never voted on it.
It's all a lie.
Take care and have a nice day,
Your friend, the disabled vet that lives in a garage,



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Watch This TV Program to hear the latest on where our country is going.

Today I went to Wal-Mart in Peoria.  I always wear my USS Kitty Hawk Hat.  I was standing in the Sub Way Shop and a young lady came up to me and gave me a small slip of paper that was folded up and said, "This is for you."  I was thinking what is this all about, this is very strange.  When I opened the note here's what it said.

I just wanted to thank you for your service to our country, Forever Grateful, Amiee.

Thank you very much Amiee.  You have made my day.  I'm a disabled vet and have been going through some real bad times and you picked up my whole day.  Thank you again, C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

P.S.  I am sure that this note was not just for me, but for all service men and women who have worked so hard to keep our freedoms and to keep our country a favorite place to live.   2007

About little more than a month ago I was in Chicago's Union Station.  A young boy walked up to me and said, "Mister, can I shake your hand?   Thank you very much for serving our country."  I really appreciated that because I'm a disabled veteran myself and I see too many disabled veterans that don't get any treatment or acknowledgement for what they did. In fact our Universities protest the soldiers, yet the very reason that they have the right to protest is because of our soldiers.  But I do appreciate that this little boy had enough understanding to say thanks to me for serving my country.  But he wasn't saying thanks to me, he was saying thanks to all of the soldiers now and in the past.  And I better do the same thing.  Thank you all for your efforts and sacrifices.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.



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