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Lufthansa Airlines model airplanes, books, videos, DVD movies and pictures, plus links to other commercial airplanes.  These Lufthansa Airlines model airplanes will look great on your shelf or your desk.  The Lufthansa Airline books will make a great addition to your library. This page also includes Lufthansa Airlines aviation art and pictures, plus videos and DVD movies. 
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Commercial Aircraft Lufthansa Airlines Models

M5mEdr-ynhv2COSvtBqisdaN(0CoUOxPt)?pn=0090553150 width=250> Dornier Do 18

The Do 18 flying boat was created in 1936 to meet the requirements of Deutsche Lufthansa, who needed a long-range mail flying boat. The Luftwaffe then used the  Do 18 primarily in reconnaissance and air/sea rescue operations.

0009408ALT="DO-X Seaplane Airliner 1/100" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=2 height=173 width=250> 0009408DO-X Seaplane Airliner 1/100
Pre Built Mahogany Model

Made of Philippine mahogany, this 1/100 scale model measures 15¾" in length with a  wingspan of 19". Hand painted and detailed with Lufthansa markings, model comes  ready to display on the included mahogany base.   ....#0009408

M5mEdr-ynhv2COSvtBqisdaN(0CoUOxPt)?pn=0009120181 width=250> 0009120JU 52 Civilian 1/72 Kit
Plastic Model Kit

Just as the Ford Tri-Motor was a mainstay of U.S. domestic air travel in the 1930s,  so too the Junkers Tri-Motor was a leader in Europe with nearly 5,000 built for  passenger and cargo service. This plastic kit features the markings of the German  airline, Lufthansa. 10 ¼" long. Assembly required, 151 pieces. .....#0009120 2


Lufthansa Airline Books

0003495 0003495Lufthansa
Hard Bound Book

Germany's national airline, Lufthansa, traces its heritage to the earliest years  of aviation. This book covers the early all-metal Junkers-F 13 of 1919, its direct  descendant, the Junkers-Ju 52 that was built in greater numbers than any other  transport other than the DC-3, the 1938 transatlantic Focke-Wulf Condor - all the  way to the Airbus family of the 1980s. Included are meticulously compiled tables of  vital data and scores of photographs, many never before published. 11"x 8½", hdbd.   .....#0003495


Lufthansa Videos
M5mEdr-ynhv2COSvtBqisdaN(0CoUOxPt)?pn=00V8777413 width=250> Airlines: The Early Years
A four-part program includes historical review of operations of United Airlines, with its Boeing and Douglas mailplanes; an early history of Lufthansa, the German giant with  its first Atlantic crossings in seaplanes; and vintage film of federal regulations and air carrier certification with scenes of DC-7s and Constellations. 70 min. 


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