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TWA, Trans World Airlines, is one of the most well known airlines in the world today.  They have flown everything from the DC-3 to the Boeing 747, Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 airliners.  This page not only shows the different models of these airline model airplanes, it is arranged in accordance with the history of the production of the airlines. We have now added books, videos, DVD movies, pictures and aviation art. 
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TWA Books


From the late 1940s to the mid-1960s, air travel was still an  adventure, with propeller driven airliners reaching their zenith
and civilian jetliners just arriving on the scene. Revisit that golden age of air travel with this look back at  the
histories and aircraft of the most notable U.S. airlines.


TWA created the Douglas twins under Jack Frye, the Constellations under Howard  Hughes,
and the first transcontinental passenger air route with the Ford Tri-Motors  under Charles Lindbergh's planning direction.

TWA Aviation Art
Sentimental Journey

Aviation Art

The TWA Lockheed Super Constellation shown here represented the pinnacle  of piston-powered commercial airliners. 16"x 11½" limited edition print.   ....#0007752

  Legacy of Leadership
Aviation Art

The majestic beauty of the Boeing 747 and the proud history of TWA are portrayed  in this dramatic image of a TWA 747 climbing out for an overnight ocean crossing.




    Model Building Accessories   

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Don't forget the cement to put together your plastic kits! It's non-toxic and made specifically for the plastic kits available here.

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Aircraft Finishing Set" hspace="10" src="../yellow_airplane_store/ModelBuildersSupplies.html" vspace="4" border="1" width="250" height="143" align="left">
Aircraft Finishing Set

Model Airplane Paint Set.
Make your models more life-like with these enamel paints. Set includes six colors, thinner, paintbrush, cement pen and a tray.
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