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The History of WWII Pearl Harbor Bombing  Pictures, Photos, Aviation Art Prints, and Famous Plane Posters.

Pearl Harbor 0755... While the Giant Slept
The Pearl Bombing History Summary showing the attack on Pearl Harbor with Models, Images, Pictures, the Movie, and facts on Pearl Harbor.  Also Pearl Harbor books, DVD Videos, Documentaries, Enemy Japanese Aircraft and Japanese Aircraft Carrier Group. The USS Arizona Memorial Facts and Photos. 

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Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th 1941, the Day of Infamy, the entry of the United States into World War 2. 

Look here to see everything that you ever wanted to know about Pearl Harbor.  The terrible day that the United States was attacked by the Japanese and thousands of people were killed with no mercy, for no reason except for the want for power.  At this time our country was a good country with clean ideas and a vision of a better and good future.  Pearl Harbor created a terrible military monster in many countries all over the world.  Pearl Harbor was the beginning of the end of our country and the end of the words of God being the foundation of all of our teaching and the teaching of Jesus being a standard by which all people based their lives.  Think about this paragraph.  Think of how our world is today.  Think of who is the terrorist.  Think of who we are.  Take a look at ourselves and then we can look at the world differently, because today, we are not the people that we should be.  I joined the Navy to defend our country for truth, justice and the American way.  Now I see our solders, 400,000 of them, disabled and homeless.  Look at these Pearl Harbor pages and see and think about what our soldiers have fought for.  God Bless America, I don't think so.  The longer I work on this website and the more veterans that I talk to, from all countries, many times I just break down and cry. Signed, I'm very sorry, C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

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  The Pearl Bombing History Summary showing the attack on Pearl Harbor with Models, Images, Pictures, the Movie, and facts on Pearl Harbor.





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