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The Wright Brothers, their ideas and inventions made them famous people and world heroes
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There were many world famous people in history.  People who fought for our country, people who made great inventions, people who did wonderful things for all mankind.  We must remember our famous people, it's a matter of history and historical preservation.  We can learn from these famous people, the military heroes, the military blunders, and military history in general.  People are what makes the world go around so the more we know about them, and the more we try to live like these world famous people, the better we will all live.
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World Famous People and their Stories.

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These brothers started the Modern Age.  There invention created a whole new world. These two men are famous people. 

sergeant york a fantastic ww1 military movie
Sergeant York (1941) 
Gary Cooper plays Alvin York, the real-life country lad and sharpshooter drafted to fight during World War I but blocked from killing by   his pacifist sentiments. Howard Hawks makes a rousing, heroic film out of the tale, and Cooper gives one of his best performances (for  which he won an Oscar). The 1941 feature seems as much a valentine to wartime America (and a not-so-subtle piece of propaganda) as anything, with Hawks capturing splendidly shot scenes of life in York's home state of Tennessee, which in turn provide a striking contrast to the battlefield. A key scene in the film, in which York is presented with an argument in favor of killing in war, is still thought provoking. Famous People. 

More Sergeant York and WW1 books and movies here. 

0009652ALT="B-17 1/144 Die Cast Model" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=10 BORDER=2 height=150 width=258 align=LEFT> Memphis Belle

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Lots of Baron Manfred von Richthofen Stuff Here.

Trace the legend from its beginning to the last patrol. This photographic biography presents the picture of the  total man, at ease with his fellows, in combat garb ready to fly and fight. His victories and victims. 160 pgs., 220 photos, 8½"x 11",sfbd.

The Story of G.I. Joe (1991) 
The United States, in the summer of 1941, was happy to watch the great Joe DiMaggio extend his legendary hitting streak, but newsreel  footage of armies on the march overseas cast a pall over the summer's giddiness. By the end of the year, Pearl Harbor had been attacked and America was at war, and millions of ordinary citizens were about to learn that they were expected to accomplish great things. This  video presents a nostalgic look at how Americans of both genders suddenly pitched in for the war effort. Millions of men became GIs  (slang for "government issue"), learning to fight and survive in places that a year before had been totally unknown. Archival films show  both the extraordinary and mundane aspects of serving Uncle Sam, and while the footage of amphibious invasions and aerial combat is  dramatic, perhaps the most interesting parts of this video are the segments showing what day-to-day life was like serving in the World War II military. There are scenes of basic training, and footage showing the cramped quarters found on troop ships and in hastily  constructed barracks. The viewer will learn about (or will be reminded of) such things as "V-Mail" and the ration stamps those living  stateside had to use during the war. The video concludes with an address by Dwight Eisenhower, filmed some years after the war, in which he pays tribute to the young men and women who served the U.S. during World War II. This video provides a realistic look at  what it was like to serve, and makes a good adjunct to Tom Brokaw's The Greatest Generation. --Robert J. McNamara.

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About Bob Hoover

Youve seen his performances, now fly with him as he performs his unbelievable  routines in the Mustang, F-86, T-28, Strike Commander and Sabreliner. A close-up  look at the life of a man that all the aviation community admires. 98 min. Hoover is one of the Famous People.

Webmasters Note:  A little bragging, I actually shook hands with Bob Hoover.  He stopped talking to another man just to reach out and shake my hand.  This was one of the most honorable gestures that he could have done.  C. Jeff Dyrek

Tuskegee Airmen History

  Click Here for More Tuskegee Airman History
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Jim Doolittle: King of the Sky


Jimmy Doolittle did more to advance aviation than anyone since the Wright Brothers. With a PhD in engineering from MIT, he was a daring test pilot who often risked his  life to help develop more reliable equipment. And his experiments with blind flying  helped bring about the age of dependable commercial aviation. But it was in warfare that he really made his name. From the legendary "Doolittle Raid" to his work with the  European 8th Air Force, we'll see his enormous contribution to the winning of WWII. Includes both archival footage and interviews with those who knew him. 50 min.








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