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  Stuck in the Alley in Harvey Illinois, Kids and Teenagers 


Click Here we were stuck in the alley, we were still kids, teenagers, and we were heading for trouble

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The Story:    

One day my friends and I were walking from one of the guys house to my house so we took a walk through the alley.  All of a sudden a 1965 Mustang turned into the alley and pulled into the parking lot for the apartments.  As soon as we saw the car we jumped into the bushes.  There was a man and woman in the car but all we could see was a silhouette of the two people.  We couldn't hear him talk, but she got out of the car and started to walk straight toward the bright porch light.  He called to her and then she came back to the car and sat down in the passenger side.  All of a sudden they both started kissing and messing around.  Then the bra came off and we could see the silhouette of her, ummm ummmm's.   I just don't know what happened to me because I picked up a rock and threw it into the darkness and it hit the car right on the hood.  They both jumped up and started the engine and sat up with the engine running for a long, long time.  We were trapped in the bushes and just stayed there. 
Those guys finally thought that it was just a strange thing that they got hit by a rock or something so they started making out again.  Again the Ummmm, Ummmmm's were showing and they were going to town.  I threw another rock and it hit them real hard somewhere on the car.  BOOM! the rock made when it hit this time.  They again jumped up and started the engine and sat there.
But, anyway, we decided that we should get out of there.  We walked between the houses, it was late at night and after curfew so we were not allowed to be out at that time.  As we walked between the houses, there was a dim light shining on my friend, I could see his shadow on the house that we were next to.  Then I looked around and a lady was pointing a flashlight at us out of her window.  She started yelling that she was going to call the cops.  We got out of there and headed down the street. 

Earlier, just before we ducked into the alley, we noticed that there were a whole lot of police lights flashing everywhere, across the tracks near South Holland, and it was no concern to us because that was over a mile away.

So we crossed the street, where the lady was shining the light on us and all of a sudden it sounded like a helicopter was coming at us, right down the road.  The noise was loud and it sounded like helicopter blades.  We didn't know what it was so we headed for the bushes.  All of a sudden a car came down the street super fast.  It couldn't make the corner and it smashed into the fire hydrant.  Then it pulled back and drove to the apartments where we saw the 65 mustang.  They didn't stop the car at the apartments, but instead, drove it into the field.  There were several guys that got out of the car and headed into the apartments.  The Mustang was long gone by this time, but we were back in the ladies bushes again, right were we started out. 

Not knowing what to do, we started back between the houses and headed down the same street.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a police car that came on us so fast that we couldn't get out of there.  He came because the lady called the cops on us.  I told the police officer that we were all staying at my friends house, which was the truth, and we saw a car coming around the corner and hit the fire hydrant. 

The police officer looked and saw that the hydrant was bent over and there was a trail of oil going to where the car hit the hydrant and where it went.  We showed the officer the apartments where the guys ran and in no time at all the apartments were surrounded by police.  They had the bull horns out and everything, this is something that I have only seen on TV before.  It was an exciting night and because we were out after curfew and messing around, we ended up leading these criminals to the police, or vice versa.

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