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Automotive Brake Repair Tools.

Fowler (FOW74-860-434) Extended Range Electronic Brake Rotor Micrometer; 0.3" to 1.7" Range.

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Brake Repair Tools.

Fowler (FOW74-860-434) Extended Range Electronic Brake Rotor Micrometer; 0.3" to 1.7" Range.Range: 0.3" - 1.7" - SUV capable! Resolution: 0.00005" Longest range rotor micrometer available. Direct inch/metric conversion. Easy to read LCD display. Carbide tipped measuring faces. IP54: Dust, water, and oil resistant!  

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A great collection of Brake Repair Tools.


Brake Repair Tools.

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Fowler (FOW74-860-434) Extended Range Electronic Brake Rotor Micrometer; 0.3" to 1.7" Range.  
Astro Pneumatic (AP 7827) Bubble (I.S.O) Brake Line Flaring Tool Kit.  
Wilmar Disc Brake Pad Spreader.  
Fowler (FOW72-234-422) Extended Range Brake Rotor Micrometer with Digital Counter Readout.  
Lisle 28600 Disc Brake Piston Tool.  

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