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The C-130 Hercules Cargo Plane
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Airplane movies about the Lockheed C-130 Hercules cargo plane. 

The C-130 is one of the most widely used cargo airplanes ever.  It has an empty weight of 59,329 lbs with a max weight of 124200 lbs.  The C130 has four Allison T56-7 engines developing 4050 hp each for a total of 18,000 horse power.  This aircraft has a max speed of 384 mph and a cruise speed of 328 mph with a maximum range of 2090 miles.

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C-130 Hercules DVD Movies.

I/51S5PWZ5WDL._AA240_.jpg" ALT="Iron Eagle II" HSPACE=5 VSPACE=3 BORDER=0 height=240 width=240 align=bottom> Iron Eagle 2 
and DVD 
Gossett Jr, Humphrey
Great photos of the F-16, F-4 Phantom, and the C-130 Hercules.  Also, some short shots of the A-4 Skyhawk, Mirage 2000 and the TU-27 Russian Bear

Webmasters report:
This movie stinks, it makes our pilots look like a bunch of filthy, lawless, bums.  The movie stinks and the story is trashy and so are the effects. If you want to buy a copy of this movie, go to another site and buy it, I won't sell trash like this on my site,  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster  

6303236677Ordeal in the Arctic (1993) 
About a C-130 Crash in the Arctic.  A true story.  The amazonesite has a real testimony of one of the real survivors of this event.





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