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Cassie sits in a C-130 Hercules.  This is a great day for Cassie as she visits the Quad Cities Airshow in Davenport, Iowa.   Cassie is the youngest person in our group and with youth programs like this and the youth activities that she attends, she will have a great future which will be free from living in public housing, or living on welfare.  Educational programs are what our kids of the 21st century need and  young girls like Cassie need all of the help that we can give.
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With the Y-I-BET program, 

we can turn our public housing developments into Learning developments

The Quad Cities Airshow Field Trip Series

Cassie sits in the pilots seat of a C-130 Hercules 

Cassie sits in a C-130 HerculesCassie sits in a C-130 Hercules.

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Cassie is Libby's cousin.  She lives with her grandparents and has a just little better chance to become successful than her cousin.  I have to rate Cassie as one of my favorite members because she never complains even when we are all extremely hot, tired, thirsty and hungry and are forced to stand in a super long line for hours in the sun. Cassie is only nine years old and the youngest person in our group and her good behavior, combined with her positive attitude of being interested in what she is learning, makes her a top quality person.
Photos and Story by C. Jeff Dyrek webmaster at YellowAirplane.com

Cassie is finding out that doing good things,  like sitting in a C-130 Hercules, can be more fun than just sitting around at home watching tv.

Cassie also has been with our youth group for many events this summer.  She has learned about jet engines, pilots equipment, aircraft components, afterburners, tanks and flight simulators. 

One day everyone was bored and tired and had nothing to do but sit and wait.  I looked on the flight line at the EAA Chapter 350 Young Eagles event.  I looked outside and, on the flight line, there was a beautiful, new, Cessna 172.  I said to the kids lets go out and take a closer look at this plane.  The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the pilots seat and all of the other kids were in the airplane with me.  I grabbed the control yoke and started to explain what its function was when Cassie yelled out, "That moves the ailerons." 

I was amazed because before today Cassie and her cousin, Libby , have never even seen an airplane on the ground.  The night before the Young Eagles event, however, Cassie and Libby were forced to go to bed because they were studying the Young Eagles information booklet so that they would know the parts of the airplane and the four forces of flight. 

The Young Eagles day was Cassie's first experience with the Y-I-BET program.   Since then she has visited the Bloomington, "Prairie" airshow, attended three movie nights,  learned about the airplane components, taken her first flight in an airplane, received her Young Eagles certificate signed by Chuck Yeager, flown a Cessna 172,  worked in the assembly line for putting together the newsletter for the EAA Chapter 350 and attended the Quad Cities Air Show.

Click here to see Cassie preparing for her first flight.

Click here to see the picture Cassie drew for me as a thank you gift.

Click here to see Cassie working on the newsletter

Click here to see  Cassie standing under a Boeing 727

If Cassie continues to work with our youth program, she will attain every goal that she ever dreams, but we need your help.

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