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On the Youth of America
Youth Innovative Business Environment Training

Places That We Have Visited
and Field Trips that we have taken


The Bloomington Airshow7-8-2000Click on photo for larger view Here's the Jet engines on the Shockwave jet truckClick Here's the engines on the Shockwave Jet Truck

These engines have afterburners and pump out 36,000 horsepower allowing this truck to run like a bat out of Hades.    Take a look at the tires.  These are standard truck tires with all of the tread shaved off.   Twice now I have talked to one of the crew members of the Super Shockwave and these guys were very nice and willing to explain how their trucks work.  This time he explained how they shaved the tires to stand up to the tremendous speeds that this truck travels.  Tire tread weighs a lot.  At these tremendous speeds the tread is spun at a very high rpm creating a lot of centrifugal force which will cause the tire to come apart.  This is why they shave the tread from the tires.  It prevents the tires from bursting.


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