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Having Foreign College kids visit local grade schools and family get togethers.  A way to teach kids about people from other lands. 

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from left to right, Lorri, Stephanie, Nao Miysaka, Akei

That night after visiting Bushnell Elementary school, Nao and his friend visited the Timbs residence.  We watched a movie then the kids and Nao played hide n seek.  Steve and Steff were the kings of the neighborhood.  All the kids in the housing project had to come over and meet Nao. 

This was great because again the kids had something to talk about other than street stuff.  This is what we need, a way to divert the kids away from the poor morals and bad manners of the street.  Aviation, races, foreign student visits, model building, movies, newsletters and other activities keeps these kids headed in the right direction. 

Making this type of activity a part of Y-I-BET would be a very good thing, however, finding interested students was a problem.  I have worked with the students at WIU for a couple of years trying to find someone interested in visiting our local schools.  This was a terrifying  task to most of these students and until Nao agreed to give a talk, there were no students interested.

Another problem with this experiment was the fact that both the WIU students and the staff at the local schools were very busy.  Setting up a date around everyone's schedule was not an easy chore.   Using the school visitations as part of the Y-I-BET would be a good activity only after the Y-I-BET program has been well established providing other activities that are more easily accomplished.

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