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Having Foreign College kids visit local grade schools and family get togethers.  A way to teach kids about people from other lands. 

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Nao Miyasaka stands with Steven and Unknown Girl.

When you're in business or working in a high tech field your chances of meeting people from foreign countries a rather high.  Meeting people and knowing a little about their country is always good in making them feel comfortable.  These talks with Nao in both the Bushnell Prairie City Elementary school and the Colchester Elementary School, in Mary Speers class, were great for Nao's confidence and were fantastic for the educational benefits of the kids.  These kids talked about Nao for weeks after the visit. 

This experiment was designed to test the schools need for visitors like Nao,  availability of class time, the kids reactions to the visit and the educational value.  All of us learned a lot.  The schools do have a need for speakers like Nao but the class time availability is only there in the early part of the semesters. 

Y-I-BET kids would eventually be responsible for setting up the schedule for speaker appearances.  This would be a great training method for the Y-I-BET kids, the foreign students and the kids in the class being visited.  This type of activity also works good for inter cultural relations. 

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