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This is why I started the Y-I-BET on the Youth Of America Program.  It was to take kids to Air Shows and not Ball Games, to Races instead of bouncing a ball, and to Museums instead of drugs.  We need to teach our kids if we want a future.
Many engineering links here including:  government agencies, jet and turbine engines, university and educational research and lots more.

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Would like to take part in a
North Pole Expedition?
Click Here to find out how
Activities include, a Balloon Rally, Free Skydiving, Visits to the famous Woolly Mammoth Digs,
Visits to Red Square, Star City (Russians NASA), the Kremlin Armor,  Rides in 
Russian Military Aircraft, IL-76, An-74, Mi-8, Participation in Arctic Scientific Research 
and lots more. 

Turbine Engines 
Allison Engine Company
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines
Woodward Governor Company


Government Agencies
Department of Defense

NASA Lewis Research Center
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
United States Air Force

United States Navy

     Naval Aviation Systems TEAM HQ  

United States Marine (MarineLINK)


USS Kitty Hawk Exhibit
Take a tour of the at sea operations of the aircraft carrier, the USS Kitty Hawk.  1977 - 1978
Historical Events of this West Pac Cruise
  • First West Coast Deployment of  the F-14 Tomcat on the Kitty Hawk
  • First Sea Launched Operational Test of the Harpoon Antiship Missile 
F-14 Tomcat on final approach to the USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier

34th Fighter Squadron Exhibit
Take a tour of an operational WW2 fighter squadron stationed on the Western Pacific Island of Ie Shima.  This is a historical event showing the complete fighter operation from the Mess Hall to the P-47 Thunderbolt in flight.  You can also see the Japanese Surrender Delegation visit the Island.
Captain Harry Strawn in his Republic P-47 thunderbolt on the Island of Ie Shima









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