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An A-3 Skywarrior (Whale)
Acting as an Airborne Fuel Tanker.

Some great photos from Brad Jones.
Aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, Tonkin Gulf, Yankee station off of Viet Nam.

USS Kitty Hawk

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Photo of an A-3 Skywarrior (Whale) Air to Air Tanker US Navy
Photo from Brad Jones
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk .

the start of the viet nam war ordered by president johnson

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January 1968
Aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63)
Yankee Station - Tonkin Gulf
RVAH-11 Checkertails
RA-5C Vigilante
Refueling to get home. Taken by an oblique mounted Chicago Aerial Industries Serial Frame Camera in the canoe of another RA-5C Vigilante of RVAH-11.

You too can take a trip to the North Pole, for real
 Stan Stokes. 

The highly successful B-47 Stratojet is seen over the desert in this limited edition print. 16"x 11½", S/N by artist.

Ken Fox. 

The second in our series of Cold War bomber charcoal pencil lithographs is of the highly successful B-47 Stratojet. Print is 20"x 16" including border with title.


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The 34th Fighter Squadron fly's a WW2 P-47 Thunderbolt 
Click on photo to see exhibit
This is a military p-47 thunderbolt, Captain Harry Strawn.

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