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The F-4 Phantom Crashes but the pilots are safe next to the USS Saratoga CV-60. Airplane Crash.

Some great photos from Brad Jones.
Aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, Tonkin Gulf, Yankee station off of Viet Nam.

Saratoga CV-60







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The F-4 Phantom crashes into the ocean but the pilots eject to safety from the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga

Photo from Brad Jones
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk

the start of the viet nam war ordered by president johnson

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USS Kitty Hawk 
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The F-4 Phantom II crashes into the ocean but the pilots eject to safety from the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga.

1980 aboard USS Saratoga (CV-60). VF-103 F-4 Phantom launching from the Port Bow Catapult when the bridle broke before the reached flying speed. Both the Pilot and RIO ejected and were safely recovered.

The first photo shows the moment when the bridle broke (note that the Phantom does have afterburners lit) and the second photo shows the  two parachutes over the pancaked Phantom.

Airplane Crashes are more common in the military than the media really knows. When a plane crashes away from any civilian areas, the news never knows about it. These planes are extremely complex, more so than civilian airplanes and they are pushed to limits beyond any civilian aircraft, plus they fly in conditions that no civilian aircraft will ever see.


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You too can take a trip to the North Pole, for real
Ken Fox. 

The second in our series of Cold War bomber charcoal pencil lithographs is of the highly successful B-47 Stratojet. Print is 20"x 16" including border with title.

Airplane Art

Craig Kodera. This is for the men and women of the Strategic Air Command who worked so hard during the threatening time of the early 1950s. Flight crews were constantly on alert or in the air, frequently for 15 hours at a time. 1000 S/N by artist. 23"x 17½" print.

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