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The RFA Tidesurge 

Some great photos from Brad Jones


A wave covers the RFA Tidesurge

by Brad Jones

Ships shown here are in the gulf of tonkin, on yankee station, 1965

Photo from Brad Jones
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk

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More Tidesurge UNREP.


Look at the bow of this ship dipping into the waves. It must have been interesting to be in the real Navy. The sailors on a carrier were not considered to be in the real Navy because the ship very rarely dipped this deep, but I did see it happen in a typhoon. The real sailors served on the tin cans, as they were called. I wish I could have made a cruise on one of these smaller ships to see what it was really like myself. But we were in the Navy too, even on a carrier. We were the primary target for any enemy wherever we were. When we went into a foreign port, the tin cans went into port and the carrier anchored way out to sea with divers under the ship 24/7.

The square thing on top of the picture is the bottom of a aircraft elevator which brings the planes from the hanger deck to the flight deck.


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