Click Here's the Machine Guns
on the P-47 Thunderbolt WW2 Fighter. 

A man sits on the wing guiding the pilot during taxi.  Here's a great photo of the Machine Guns on this P-47 Thunderbolt WW2 Fighter Aircraft.
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The 318th Fighter Group 

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 A Tribute to Vincent A. Dauro

Scanned by Frank and Denise Dauro

Taxiing the P-47 Thunderbolt is a special chore. 
Here you can see the machine guns which the pilot's pilot is holding on to. 

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 I was hoping to find more information on what squadron my father (Vincent A. Dauro)  was attached to.
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P-47D Razorback 1/72 Kit

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Plastic kit features fine surface detail such as bolt heads and metal seams. Realistic cockpit complete with a seat, controls, and gauges. Detailed engine, propeller, landing gear and armaments add to the authentic look. 6¾" wingspan when  completed.

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the 34th fighter Squadron
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